Remove Displacement Pump. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives

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Remove Displacement Pump. Graco 3A5379B, Electric Supply System for Sealants and Adhesives | Manualzz


Remove Displacement Pump

7. Remove the clip (DA), and slide the coupling cover

(DB) up to remove the coupling (DC).








DC Keep hands and fingers away from the priming piston during operation and whenever the pump is pressur ized to reduce the risk of injury. On the pump down stroke the priming piston extends beyond the intake housing to pull the material into the pump. The prim ing piston works under extreme force. During opera tion and whenever the pump is pressurized, the priming piston can severely injure or amputate a hand or finger, or break a tool, caught between it and the intake housing. Always relieve the pressure before checking, clearing, cleaning, flushing, or servicing any part of the pump.

Refer to your appropriate pump manual to repair the dis placement pump.

1. Flush the pump; see your pump manual for flushing directions. Stop the pump at the bottom of its stroke.

2. Perform the Pressure Relief Procedure on page


3. Disconnect power from the driver.

4. Disconnect the fluid hose. Hold the fluid outlet fitting with a wrench to keep it from being loosened while you disconnect the fluid hose.

F IG . 41:

DD ti10510a ti10508a

8. Use a wrench to hold the tie rod flats to keep the rods from turning. Unscrew the nuts from the tie rods (DD) and carefully remove the displacement pump.

F IG . 42:

Fluid Hose

9. Raise the ram assembly to lift the driver away from the displacement pump.

10. Remove the displacement pump and service as needed.


F IG . 40:

5. Remove the platen from the displacement pump.

6. If the driver does not require servicing, leave it attached to its mounting.

Be sure to use at least two people when lifting, mov ing, or disconnecting the pump. This pump is too heavy for one person. If you are disconnecting the displacement pump from a motor that is still mounted

(for example, on a ram), be sure to support the dis placement pump while it is being disconnected, to prevent it from falling and causing injury or property damage. Do this by securely bracing the displace ment pump, or by having at least two people hold it while another disconnects it.

11. Refer to the appropriate pump manual to service the displacement pump.



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