Calibration Check. Graco 3A2894U, ExactaBlend AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner

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Calibration Check. Graco 3A2894U, ExactaBlend AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner | Manualzz

Calibration Check

Calibration Check

Perform the calibration check procedure to verify the calibration of the flow meters are correct.

1. Perform

Base Purge , page 46.

2. Navigate to the




MD2 Only: Install the calibration nozzle onto the dispense applicator.

6. Open the catalyst (B) ball valve located near the dispense applicator.

3. Activate on the DM.

4. Remove the static mixer.

50 3A2894U

Calibration Check


Calibration Check Assembly Only: Dispense material into a waste container at the calibration check assembly to verify the V/P shown on the DM is at the correct value.

NOTE: A restrictor pin for the catalyst (B) restrictor housing may be required to obtain 5 psi (35 kPa,

0.3 bar) or above for the V/P shown on the DM.

9. Hold a metal part of the gun firmly to a grounded metal pail. Trigger the gun until the Display Module shows “OK”.

8. Disengage the trigger lock.

10. Place two separate containers on two separate scales and zero the scales. These containers will be

used in step 11.

NOTE: Weight units of the scales are to be set as grams.

3A2894U 51

Calibration Check

11. Dispense the chemicals into two separate contain ers.

MD2: Chemical will be dispensed through the applicator.

Ultra-lite: Chemical will be dispensed through the calibration check assembly.

13. Weigh both containers separately and calculate the ratio (A/B) of the two chemicals.

14. Compare the ratio calculated from the weighed containers with the ratio shown on the DM.

15. If the ratio comparison is acceptable, press

on the DM or repeat steps 10 through 14

twice if more verification is required. Press clear all values if more than three samples are required.


16. If the ratio comparison is unacceptable , perform

Calibrate the machine. page 40.

12. Continue to dispense the chemical into the contain ers until a 400 gram shot has been dispensed.

NOTE: A value will be shown on the DM when a dis pense is complete. This is the value the machine was running at based on the flow meter values.

52 3A2894U


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