Maintenance. Graco 3A2894U, ExactaBlend AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner

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Maintenance. Graco 3A2894U, ExactaBlend AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner | Manualzz




Refer to specific component manual for more detailed infor mation.

Check catalyst (B) filter assembly to prevent crystallization.

Verify calibration check assembly outlets are clear and unob structed.

Check desiccant.

Check restrictor housing and pin assembly to prevent crystalliza tion.

U100: Check iso lube bottle for discoloration.


Shutdown and install


Adjust packing nuts.


As Required







When TSL has seeped through the packing nut

Adjust Packing Nuts

4. Fill dosing valve packing nut with throat seal liquid


5. After TSL is added, tighten dosing valve packing nuts 1/4 turn after nut contacts packings; about

145-155 in-lb (16-18 N•m).


NOTE: There must be no pressure when adjusting the packing nuts. Air pressure in the feed tanks is too much.

1. Follow

Pressure Relief Procedure , page 47,

including relieving air pressure in the tanks.

2. Fill metering pump packing nuts with throat seal liq uid (TSL).

3. After TSL is added, torque metering pump packing nuts to 50 ft-lb (67.5 N•m). Follow instructions in

Xtreme Lowers manual 311762.


Once a week check, clean, and replace (if needed) the following filters.

• S100 and U100 Models:

Catalyst pump outlet filter comes with a 60 mesh filter. Two pack 60 mesh filter replacement kit,

224459, is available.

• P100 Models:

Catalyst pump outlet filter comes with a 30 mesh filter. Two pack 30 mesh filter replacement kit,

224458, is available.


Once a week, check and tighten throat seals on the pumps and dosing valve.

3A2894U 53


DM - Battery Replacement and Screen Cleaning

Battery Replacement

A lithium battery maintains the DM clock when power is not connected.

To replace the battery:

1. Disconnect power to the DM.

NOTE: This can be done by removing the CAN cable from the bottom of the DM.

2. Remove rear access panel.

3. Remove the old battery and replace with a new

CR2032 battery.

4. Properly dispose the old lithium battery according to local codes.

5. Replace rear access panel.

6. Connect the power to the DM and reset the clock

through Screen 3 . Refer to Appendix B - DM

Setup Screens Overview for more detail.


Use any alcohol-based household cleaner, such as glass cleaner, to clean the DM. Spray on the rag then wipe DM. Do not directly spray the DM. Replaceable screen protectors, 15M483, are available.

54 3A2894U


Software Update Procedure

When software is updated on the DM, the software is then automatically updated on all connected GCA com ponents. A status screen is shown while the software is updating to indicate the progress.

Refer to PKE 2823 found at http://graco.cus or by utiliz ing the QR code below for software version history.

6. Turn the power switch to ON.


A status is shown while software is updating to indi cate progress. To prevent corrupting the software load, do not remove token until the status screen disappears.

NOTE: When the screen turns on, the following screen will appear.

1. Turn the power switch to OFF.

2. Remove the DM from the bracket.

3. Remove the token access panel.

F IG . 15: Remove Access Cover

4. Insert and press software upgrade token (Token part no.16V853) firmly into the slot.

5. Install the DM onto the bracket.

Icon Description

Update successful.

Update unsuccessful.

Update complete, no changes necessary

Update was successful/complete but one or more GCA modules did not have a CAN boot-loader, so the software was not updated in that module.

7. Remove the token.

8. Replace the token access panel.

9. Press to continue.

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