Symbols. Graco 309298E, PRO Auto Xs AA, Automatic Electrostatic Air Assisted Spray gun

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Symbols. Graco 309298E, PRO Auto Xs AA, Automatic Electrostatic Air Assisted Spray gun | Manualzz



Warning Symbol Caution Symbol


This symbol alerts you to the possibility of serious injury or death if you do not follow the instructions.


This symbol alerts you to the possibility of damage to or destruction of equipment if you do not follow the instructions.



Fire, Explosion, and Electric Shock Hazard

Improper grounding, poor air ventilation, open flames, or sparks can cause a hazardous condition and result in a fire, explosion, or electric shock.

• Electrostatic equipment must be used only by trained, qualified personnel who understand the requirements in this manual.

• Ground the equipment, all personnel in or close to the spray area, the object being sprayed,

and all conductive objects in the spray area. See Grounding, page 15.

• Provide fresh air ventilation to avoid buildup of flammable or toxic vapors when spraying, flushing, or cleaning the gun. Interlock the gun air supply to prevent operation unless ventilating

fans are on. See Ventilate the Spray Booth on page 9.

• Do not flush with the gun electrostatics on. Do not turn on the gun electrostatics until all solvent is removed from the system.

• If there is any static sparking while using the equipment, stop spraying immediately. Identify and correct the problem.

• Eliminate all ignition sources such as pilot lights, cigarettes, and static arcs from plastic drop cloths. Do not plug in or unplug power cords or turn lights on or off in the spray area.

Check gun resistance daily. See Test Gun Resistance on page 29.

• Use cleaning solvents with the highest possible flash point, preferably above ambient temperature.

• Keep the spray area free of debris and rags. Do not store solvent and flammable fluids in the spray area.

• Use only non-sparking tools to clean residue from the booth and hangers.




Skin Injection Hazard

Spray from the gun, hose leaks, or ruptured components can inject fluid into your body and cause an extremely serious injury, including the need for amputation. Splashing fluid in the eyes or on the skin can also cause serious injury.

• Fluid injected into the skin might look like just a cut, but is a serious injury. Get immediate surgical treatment.

• Do not point the gun at anyone or at any part of the body. Do not put your hand or fingers over the spray tip. Do not stop or deflect fluid leaks with your hand, body, glove, or rag.

• Never spray without the tip guard in place.

Follow the steps under Prepare the Gun for Service, page 35, when you stop spraying and

before cleaning, checking, or repairing equipment.

• Check the hoses and couplings daily. Replace worn, damaged, or loose parts immediately.

Permanently coupled hoses cannot be repaired; replace the entire hose.

• Tighten all fluid connections before each use.

Toxic Fluid Hazard

Hazardous fluids or toxic fumes can cause a serious injury or death if splashed in the eyes or on the skin, swallowed, or inhaled.

• Know the specific hazards of the fluid you are using. Read the fluid manufacturer’s warnings.

• Store hazardous fluid in an approved container. Dispose of the hazardous fluid according to all local, state, and national guidelines.

• Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves, eyewear, and respirator.

4 309298E




Equipment Misuse Hazard

Equipment misuse can cause the equipment to rupture, malfunction, or start unexpectedly and result in a serious injury.

• This equipment is for professional use only.

• Read all manuals, tags, and labels before operating the equipment.

• Use the equipment only for its intended purpose. If you are uncertain, call your Graco distributor.

• Do not alter or modify equipment. Use only genuine Graco parts and accessories.

• Check the equipment daily. Repair or replace worn or damaged parts immediately.

• Do not exceed the maximum working pressure of the lowest rated system component. Maximum working fluid pressure of this equipment is 3000 psi (21 MPa, 210 bar).

• Use fluids and solvents that are compatible with the equipment wetted parts. See the Techni-

cal Data section of all equipment manuals. Read the fluid and solvent manufacturer’s warnings.

• Route the hoses away from traffic areas, sharp edges, moving parts, and hot surfaces. Do not expose Graco hoses to temperatures above 180


F (82


C) or below -40


F (-40



• Wear hearing protection when operating this equipment.

• Comply with all applicable local, state, and national fire, electrical, and other safety regulations.



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