Pressure Relief Procedure. Graco 3A6482B, APD20 Electric Driver

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Pressure Relief Procedure. Graco 3A6482B, APD20 Electric Driver | Manualzz


Pressure Relief Procedure

Install Vented Oil Cap Before

Using Equipment

The driver gear-box is shipped from the factory pre-filled with oil. The temporary unvented cap (CB) prevents oil leaks during shipment. This temporary cap must be replaced with the vented oil cap (CA), supplied with the equipment, before use.

Pressure Relief


Follow the Pressure Relief Procedure whenever you see this symbol.





This equipment stays pressurized until pressure is manually relieved. To help prevent serious injury from pressurized fluid, such as skin injection, splashing fluid and moving parts, follow the Pressure Relief

Procedure when you stop spraying and before cleaning, checking, or servicing the equipment.

1. Turn the power disconnect switch (D) to off to remove power to the electric driver.

2. Relieve all fluid pressure. Follow the Pressure Relief

Procedure in your separate system manual.

NOTE: Turning off the electric driver does not relieve pressure in connected pumps.


Refer to your system manual for operating instructions.

NOTE: The APD20 electric driver is operated using external electronic controls.


F IG . 7: Unvented and Vented Oil Caps



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