<b>3. </b>INSTALLATION. AEG HE634070XB

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<b>3. </b>INSTALLATION. AEG HE634070XB | Manualzz

• Fats and oil when heated can release flammable vapours. Keep flames or heated objects away from fats and oils when you cook with them.

• The vapours that very hot oil releases can cause spontaneous combustion.

• Used oil, that can contain food remnants, can cause fire at a lower temperature than oil used for the first time.

• Do not put flammable products or items that are wet with flammable products in, near or on the appliance.


Risk of damage to the appliance.

• Do not keep hot cookware on the control panel.

• Do not put a hot pan cover on the glass surface of the hob.

• Do not let cookware boil dry.

• Be careful not to let objects or cookware fall on the appliance. The surface can be damaged.

• Do not activate the cooking zones with empty cookware or without cookware.

• Do not put aluminium foil on the appliance.

• Cookware made of cast iron, aluminium or with a damaged bottom can cause scratches on the glass / glass ceramic.

Always lift these objects up when you have to move them on the cooking surface.

• This appliance is for cooking purposes only. It must not be used for other purposes, for example room heating.

2.4 Care and cleaning

• Clean the appliance regularly to prevent the deterioration of the surface material.



Refer to Safety chapters.

3.1 Hob and oven connection type

This appliance has a yellow 1x14 pole connector and can be connected to an oven with a yellow 1x14 pole connector.

• Switch off the appliance and let it cool down before cleaning.

• Do not use water spray and steam to clean the appliance.

• Clean the appliance with a moist soft cloth. Use only neutral detergents. Do not use abrasive products, abrasive cleaning pads, solvents or metal objects.

2.5 Service

• To repair the appliance contact the

Authorised Service Centre. Use original spare parts only.

• Concerning the lamp(s) inside this product and spare part lamps sold separately:

These lamps are intended to withstand extreme physical conditions in household appliances, such as temperature, vibration, humidity, or are intended to signal information about the operational status of the appliance. They are not intended to be used in other applications and are not suitable for household room illumination.

2.6 Disposal


Risk of injury or suffocation.

• Contact your municipal authority for information on how to dispose of the appliance.

• Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply.

• Cut off the mains electrical cable close to the appliance and dispose of it.

3.2 Before the installation

Before you install the hob, write down the information below from the rating plate. The rating plate is on the bottom of the hob.

Serial number ...........................



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