Door opening aid. Miele Appliances 10028650

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Door opening aid. Miele Appliances 10028650 | Manualzz

Guide to the appliance

Door opening aid

The Push2open door catch on your wine conditioning unit makes it easy to open the door. The appliance door is sensitive to pressure.

The Push2open system is deactivated at the factory. The system has to be activated by touching the On/Off sensor only when the appliance has been installed in the niche.

Opening the door

 Press briefly against the appliance door and then release it. The appliance door opens slightly.

 Then pull the door fully open.

To protect against inadvertent opening: if you do not open the door wider, it closes again by itself after approx. 3 seconds.

Closing the door

 Push the door shut.

 Risk of damage!

To avoid damage to the door opening aid:

Do not obstruct the appliance door while it is opening.

Do not push in or hold onto the door catch while the door is closing.

Please note that using magnets directly in front of the wine conditioning unit door can cause it to open unintentionally. This is caused by the door closing mechanism on the wine conditioning unit.



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