Temperature range. Miele Appliances 10028650

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Temperature range. Miele Appliances 10028650 | Manualzz

Optimum temperature and air quality

Temperature range

The temperature can be set between

41° and 68°F (5° and 20°C).

Temperature display

In normal operation the temperature display shows the actual temperature in the appliance.

If the temperature in one of the zones is not within the range that the appliance is able to display, dashes will light up in the temperature display.

Depending on the ambient temperature and the temperature setting, it can take the appliance a few hours to reach the temperature required and for this temperature to then be shown as a constant temperature in the display.

Air quality and humidity

A conventional refrigerator with its low humidity level is not the best place to store wine. It is very important to store wine in an atmosphere with a high humidity level so that the corks remain moist on the outside. Low humidity causes corks to dry out from the outside, and so do not seal the bottles as tightly. Wine should be stored lying down to keep the corks moist from the inside too. Air entering the bottle will inevitably spoil the wine.

Do not introduce additional moisture into the air, e.g. by placing a dish of water in the appliance. This will lead to condensation on the interior walls, which can cause corrosion damage.


Optimum temperature and air quality

DynaCool (constant humidity)  

DynaCool raises the relative humidity inside the appliance. It also distributes the humidity and the temperature evenly around the interior so that you can store all your wine under the same excellent conditions.

This will create a stable climate in the unit which imitates that of a wine cellar.

Turning on DynaCool

If you would like to use the wine conditioning unit for long term wine storage, we recommend that you keep the DynaCool function turned on.

Turning off DynaCool

The appliance uses slightly more energy and is a little noisier when the DynaCool function is turned on. You can turn it off occasionally if desired.

 Touch the On/Off sensor of the Dyna-

Cool function so that it is no longer highlighted in yellow.

 Touch the sensor to turn the Dyna-

Cool function on/off. The sensor will be highlighted in yellow.

Even if DynaCool has not been turned on, the fans in the appliance will come on automatically when the cooling system turns on. This ensures the optimum climate for your wine is maintained.

The fans automatically turn off when the door is open.



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