Climate class. Miele Appliances 10028650

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Installation information

Climate class

The wine conditioning unit is designed for use within a certain climate range

(ambient temperatures) and should not be used outside this range. The climate range of the wine conditioning unit is stated on the data plate inside it.

Climate class





Room temperature

50° to 90°F

(10° to 32°C)

61° to 90°F

(16° to 32°C)

61° to 100°F

(16° to 38°C)

61° to 109°F

(16° to 43 °C)

Operating in a room which is too cold will cause the compressor to turn off for too long, causing the internal temperature in the appliance to rise, resulting in damage.


In environments with high humidity condensation may appear on the external surfaces of the wine conditioning unit.

Condensate can cause corrosion on external appliance walls.

For prevention, it is advisable to install the wine conditioning unit with sufficient ventilation in a dry and/or air conditioned room.

After installation make sure that the appliance door closes properly, the air vents are not covered and that the wine conditioning unit has been installed in accordance with these installation instructions.



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