Warnings. Graco 3A0237E - Heated Hoses and Applicator Kits

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Warnings. Graco 3A0237E - Heated Hoses and Applicator Kits | Manualzz



The following warnings are for the setup, use, grounding, maintenance, and repair of this equipment. The exclamation point symbol alerts you to a general warning and the hazard symbol refers to procedure-specific risk. Refer back to these warnings. Additional, product-specific warnings may be found throughout the body of this manual where applicable.



The hoses must be grounded. Improper grounding, set-up or usage of the hoses can cause electric shock.

• Turn off and disconnect power before disconnecting before installing or servicing hoses.

• Connect to grounded power source.

• All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified electrician and comply with all local codes and regulations.

• Never cut or puncture a hose cover.

• Do not expose to rain. Store indoors.


High-pressure fluid from hose leaks, or ruptured components will pierce skin. This may look like just a cut, but it is a serious injury that can result in amputation. Get immediate surgical treatment.

• Inspect hose before each use for cuts, bulges, kinks or any other damage.

• Replace hoses proactively at regular intervals based on your operating conditions.

• Replace damaged hose immediately.

• Tighten all fluid connections before operating the equipment.

• Keep clear of leaks.

• Do not stop or deflect leaks with your hand, body, glove, or rag.

• Never exceed hose Maximum Pressure or Temperature ratings.

• Only use chemicals that are compatible with wetted parts. See Technical Data in this manual.

Read MSDSs and fluid and solvent manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Follow the Pressure Relief Procedure when you stop spraying and before cleaning, checking, or servicing equipment.


Fluids subjected to heat in confined spaces, including hoses, can create a rapid rise in pressure due to the thermal expansion. Over-pressurization can result in equipment rupture and serious injury.

• Open a valve to relieve the fluid expansion during heating.

• Replace hoses proactively at regular intervals based on your operating conditions.


Equipment surfaces and fluid that’s heated can become very hot during operation. To avoid severe burns:

• Do not touch hot fluid or equipment.

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