Advanced Display Module (ADM) Operation. Graco 313997P - HFR

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Advanced Display Module (ADM) Operation. Graco 313997P - HFR | Manualzz

Advanced Display Module (ADM) Operation

Advanced Display Module (ADM) Operation

When main power is turned on by turning the main power switch (MP) to the ON position, the splash screen will be displayed until communication and initialization is complete.

To begin using the ADM, the machine must be on and enabled. To verify the machine is enabled, verify the

System Status Indicator Light (CB) is illuminated green,

see F IG . 5 on page 30. If the System Status Indicator

Light is not green, press the ADM Power On/Off (CA) button . The System Status Indicator Light will illuminate yellow if the machine is disabled.


If L-Head is installed, define L-Head control details. See Mix Head Operating Details Screen , page 74.


Define level sensors and refill settings. See Supply

Screen , page 76.


Enable/disable temperature conditioning components. See Conditioning Screen 1 , page 77.

10. Define temperature conditioning setpoints. See

Conditioning Screen 2 , page 77.


If Night mode will be used, define Night mode settings. See

Conditioning Screen 3 , page 78.

12. Calibrate machine. See Calibration Screen, Main , page 72.

13. Define shots. See Shots Screen , page 69.

14. Define sequences. See Sequences Screen , page 71.

15. If desired, view/reset counters. See Maintenance

Screen , page 75.

If the machine is in the Disabled mode screen press

repeatedly to select a different operating mode.

Perform the following tasks to fully setup your system.


Set general system settings. See Advanced

Screen 1 , page 80.


Set units of measure. See Advanced Screen 2 , page 80.


Enable/disable system features. See Advanced

Screen 3 , page 80.


Define control mode, dispense mode, and pump information. See System Screen 1 , page 73.


Define dispense valve and other system settings.

See System Screen 2 , page 73.


Define labels and other system settings. See System Screen 3 , page 74.

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