Technical Specifications. Graco 3A6482A, APD20 Electric Driver

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Technical Specifications. Graco 3A6482A, APD20 Electric Driver | Manualzz

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

APD20 Advanced Precision Driver

Operating temperature range

Input voltage

Maximum input current


23° to 120° F


-5° to 50° C

200-240 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz

20 A

Oil specification

Graco Part No. 16W645

ISO 220 silicone-free synthetic EP gear oil*

4840 lb 21.5 kN Maximum force

Maximum continuous cycle rate

Maximum continuous cycle rate 26 cycles per minute

To prevent premature pump wear, do not exceed the maximum recommended speed of the fluid pump.

Oil capacity*

Vertical model (25N519)

Horizontal model (25N520)


1.5 quarts

2.2 quarts

1.4 L

2.1 L

All models


115 lb 52 kg

* The driver gear box is shipped from the factory pre-filled with oil. Additional oil must be purchased separately.

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