Installation. Graco 332013B, DCM and ADCM Kits

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Installation. Graco 332013B, DCM and ADCM Kits | Manualzz



Intrinsically Safe

Do not substitute or modify system components as this may impair intrinsic safety. For installation, maintenance, or operation instructions, read instruction manuals. Do not install equipment approved only for non-hazardous location in a hazardous location. See the identiļ¬cation label for the intrinsic safety rating for your model.

The DCM and ADCM are designed for use with Graco Control Architecture based systems that have a compatible design. See

Appendix A - Control Drawing 16M169, page 13 ,

for installation requirements and entity parameters.

Follow all installation instructions in your system manual.

• Intrinsically safe (IS) equipment should not be used with a power supply that has no barrier.

• Do not move units from a non-intrinsically safe

(non-IS) installation to an IS installation.

• IS equipment that has been used with a non-IS power supply must not be returned to a hazardous location.

• Always use an IS power supply with IS equipment.

Electrical Connections

Install per the control drawing in Appendix A.

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