Maintenance. Graco 332013B, DCM and ADCM Kits

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Maintenance. Graco 332013B, DCM and ADCM Kits | Manualzz



Update Software

Manual 3A1244 will accompany any necessary software updates. Follow all instructions and warnings in Manual 3A1244 to update your DCM or

ADCM software.

Replace Battery

Replace the battery only if the clock stops functioning after disconnecting power or a power failure.

Sparking can occur when changing the battery.

Replace the battery only in a non-hazardous location, away from flammable fluids or fumes.


To avoid damaging the circuit board, wear a grounding strap.

1. Disconnect power.

2. Remove the module from the bracket.

3. Attach grounding strap.

4. Remove 4 screws, and then remove the access cover.

5. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry out the old battery.

NOTE: Dispose of battery properly in an approved container and according to applicable local guidelines.

6. Replace with new battery. Ensure battery fits under connector tabs before snapping other end in place.

NOTE: Use only Panasonic CR2032 batteries for replacement.

7. Reassemble access cover and screws.

8. Snap the module back into the bracket.

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