Booth Control. Graco 332562F, ProMix® PD2K Electronic Proportioner

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Booth Control. Graco 332562F, ProMix® PD2K Electronic Proportioner | Manualzz

Booth Control

The booth control is the main control device used by the operator for daily painting functions including: changing recipes, signaling job complete, reading/clearing alarms, and placing the system in

Standby, Mix, or Purge mode. It is typically mounted inside the booth or near the painter.

The booth control displays the recipe in the following formats:

• R-xx (active recipe)

• P-xx (recipe loaded in the pumps)

• G-xx (recipe loaded in the gun)

The booth control display circulates through the recipe and error status:

• Displays the recipe number (R-xx) when ready to spray (the pumps and gun are loaded with the same recipe). If the display is on steady and does not show recipe 0 or 61, the system is ready to spray. (Recipe 61 indicates an unknown material.)

• If the gun is loaded with one recipe (G-xx) and the pumps with another (P-xx), the display will alternate between the two recipes.

• If an alarm occurs, the alarm code is displayed and the red Alarm indicator will flash until acknowledged. After the alarm is acknowledged, the LED will be on steady and the recipe number will alternate with the code.

• For systems with multiple guns enabled, the active gun (AG-x) is identified.

Press and hold the Standby key to turn the pumps on or off.

for 2 seconds

To select a new recipe, scroll Up or Down to the desired recipe, then press Enter

If Enter is not pressed within 5 seconds, the system will revert to the existing recipe.


Figure 11 Booth Control

22 332562F


Booth Control

• Red LED is solid when an alarm condition is present.

• Red LED blinks when an event requiring user acknowledgement occurs at any level.

• Press key to acknowledge. LED shuts off after alarm is cleared.

• Starts Standby mode.

• Green LED remains lit while in Standby mode.

• Green LED blinks when the system is on and is not mixing or purging. In Idle mode, the Standby LED and the Mix LED both blink.

• Green LED blinks during pump maintenance checks.

• Press and hold the key to startup or shutdown the pumps.

• Starts Mix mode.

• Green LED remains lit while in Mix mode.

• Green LED blinks during a mix fill. If there is no fluid flow for 30 sec after starting mix fill, the process must be restarted.

• In Idle mode, the Mix LED and the Standby LED both blink.

• Signals that job is complete, and resets A, B, and solvent totalizers.

• Press to display the current job number on the booth control. Press a second time to log the current job and increment to the next job number. Times out after 5 seconds of inactivity.

• Starts Pressure Change mode.

• Green LED blinks while in Pressure Change mode.

• To change the pressure, press the Pressure Control key and use the Up/Down keys to select the desired pressure. Pressure Change mode times out after 5 seconds of inactivity. Stored recipe is only updated at the end of a spray mode.

• Starts Purge mode.

• Green LED remains lit while in Purge mode.

• Green LED blinks when gun needs to be purged and is waiting for purge to begin.

• Scrolls recipe numbers up.

• Scrolls pressure value up in Pressure Change mode.

• Scrolls recipe numbers down.

• Scrolls pressure value down in Pressure Change mode.

• Enters selected recipe and starts color change sequence.

• Accepts pressure value change.



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