Color Change. Graco 332562F, ProMix® PD2K Electronic Proportioner

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Color Change. Graco 332562F, ProMix® PD2K Electronic Proportioner | Manualzz

Color Change

Color Change Module Kits are available as an accessory. See manual 332455 for complete information.


Follow the procedure under

Flush the System, page 30 .


Load the new color.


Prime and Fill the System, page 27



Press the Mix key to start spraying.


Press Standby .


Set the current mix manifold to FLUSH.


Select the new recipe at the Booth Control or on the

Spray Screen, page 35 . This will change

colors in the pump and initiate a gun purge. The

Standby and Purge indicators should be blinking.

recipes. If an invalid recipe is entered, the display will show 4 dashes (— — — — ). See

Recipe Screen, page 50

to enable a recipe.

System Screen 3, page 43 , the system

will purge Material B first, then Material A out of the gun. Each material will purge for the amount of time designated by the Flush

Sequence selected for that material on the

Recipe Screen, page 50



Hold a metal part of the gun firmly to a grounded metal pail. Trigger the gun. Make sure there is enough flow to open the solvent flow switch.


Release the trigger when the solvent flow stops and the Purge indicator stops blinking.

mix manifold, disconnect the gun from the purged mix manifold and connect it to the new color line.


Wait for the color change to complete (the

Standby indicator is on solid).


Set the mix manifold to SPRAY.


Press the Mix key on the booth control.

The Mix indicator will be blinking.


Trigger the gun to complete the Mix Fill.

before the system will fault.

10. Wait for atomizing air and for the Mix indicator to be on solid, then resume spraying.

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