Piezas de repuesto sugeridas. Graco 311232L - Reactor E-10

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Piezas de repuesto sugeridas. Graco 311232L - Reactor E-10 | Manualzz

Piezas de repuesto sugeridas

Piezas de repuesto sugeridas

Tener a mano las siguientes piezas de repuesto para reducir el tiempo de parada.

Todas las unidades Sólo las unidades con calentador

Part No. Description

119974 DRYER, desiccant

15F895 O-RING, lid, tank

119927 SWITCH, motor or heater power, with circuit breaker

113641 GAUGE, pressure, fluid; sst

101078 Y-STRAINER; includes 180199 element

180199 ELEMENT, Y-strainer, 20 mesh

114228 ELEMENT, air filter, 5 micron; polypropylene

239914 VALVE, recirc/spray; includes seat and gasket

249494 POTENTIOMETER, control knob

249434 BOARD, control; 120 V units only

249432 BOARD, control; 240 V units only

246123 TRANSDUCER, pressure

287657 PUMP, displacement; fits either side

287718 INLET KIT, tank to pump

249855 REPAIR KIT, displacement pump; includes seals, balls, bearings, intake valve seat)

Part No. Description

119869 DISPLAY, temperature, with sensor

119857 FUSE, heater over-temperature

119797 THERMOSTAT, heater

15F770 HEATER ELEMENT; 120 V units only

15F771 HEATER ELEMENT; 240 V units only


Part Description

249815 GUN, Fusion MP with 4-hose manifold

249634 KIT, 2k Ultra-Lite, restrictor valve, cold spray

249635 KIT, 2k Ultra-Lite, extension, joint fill

62 311232L


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