Maintenance. Panasonic PT-FRQ60BU7, PT-FRQ60WU7

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Maintenance. Panasonic PT-FRQ60BU7, PT-FRQ60WU7 | Manualzz

Chapter 6   Maintenance — Maintenance


Before maintaining the projector

f Make sure to turn off the power before performing the maintenance of the projector. ( x pages 42, 51) f When switching off the projector, make sure to follow the procedures in “Switching off the projector”

( x page 51).


Outer case

Wipe off dirt and dust with a soft, dry cloth.

f If the dirt is persistent, soak the cloth with water and wring it thoroughly before wiping. Dry off the projector with a dry cloth.


Do not use benzene, thinner, or rubbing alcohol, other solvents, or household cleaners. Doing so may deteriorate the outer case.


When using chemically treated dust cloths, follow the instructions written on its packaging.

Lens front surface

Wipe off dirt and dust from the front surface of the lens with a soft clean cloth.


Do not use a cloth that is fluffy, dusty, or soaked with oil/water.


Since the lens is fragile, do not use excessive force when wiping the lens.

Attention f

The lens may become damaged by hitting with a hard object or by wiping the front surface of the lens with excessive force. Handle with care.

Note f

Dust may accumulate around the intake/exhaust vent depending on the environment and operating condition when used in an environment with excessive dust. This may adversely affect the ventilation, cooling, and heat dissipation inside the projector, thus causing reduced brightness.



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