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About OpenManage Enterprise Services

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Services (previously known as OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist) is a plug-in to the

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise console that enables proactive and predictive monitoring and management support for your devices with ProSupport and ProSupport Plus entitlements. OpenManage Enterprise with Services provides a single, unified solution for your complete device lifecycle management and proactive and predictive support experience. Services improves the data center efficiency by enabling the administrator to seamlessly manage hardware failure incidents, reducing the time spent by

Dell EMC Technical Support, and improving the turnaround and downtime in resolving the hardware issues.

The key benefits of Services are:

● Monitors your devices, proactively detects hardware issues, and accelerates resolution by creating Technical Support cases automatically to Dell EMC.

● Enables you to provide your support and dispatch contacts (primary, secondary, and group) to Dell EMC.

● Improves productivity by replacing manual routine operations with automated support.

● Predictive issue detection by using the periodic hardware telemetry collections, which enables you to take preventive measures to avoid data loss in future.

● Expedites dispatch process.

When an issue is detected, Services collects and uploads the system information required for troubleshooting an issue.

The collected system information helps Technical Support to provide you an enhanced, personalized, and efficient support experience. Services also provides predictive support and reporting by using the periodic hardware telemetry collections. The periodic collections enable Dell EMC to perform advanced analytics, predict future failures, and inform you about the due time to back up and resolve failures in advance.


How Services works

Device information collected by Services

How Services works

Services receives an alert whenever a hardware event occurs on a device. The alert is filtered using various policies to determine if the alert qualifies for creating a support case or for updating an existing support case. All qualifying alerts are sent securely to the backend for creating a support case or for updating an existing support case. After the support case is created or updated, Services collects device information from the device and sends it to the Dell EMC backend. Also, some of the devices send the information directly to the backend when an alert is generated. Dell EMC Technical Support uses the system information to troubleshoot the issue and provide an appropriate solution. For more information about how Services processes alerts and automatically creates support cases, see

Alert policies in OpenManage Enterprise Services on page 56.

NOTE: To experience the automatic case creation and system information collection capabilities of Services, you must complete the registration.

NOTE: Services does not create a support case for every alert that is received from a monitored device. A support case is created only for a device that has an active service contract, and if the alert type and number of alerts that are received from the device match the predefined criteria for support case creation.

NOTE: Services sends you automatic email notifications about registration, support cases, network connectivity status, and so on.

Device information collected by Services

Services continually monitors the configuration and usage information of the hardware and software devices managed using

Services. While Dell EMC does not anticipate accessing or collecting personal information, such as your personal files, web browsing history, or cookies with this program, any personal system information inadvertently collected or viewed is treated in accordance with the Dell Privacy Policy available for review at https://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/policies-privacy

6 About OpenManage Enterprise Services

The information encrypted in the collected system information log contains the following categories of data:

● Hardware and software inventory—Installed devices, processors, memory, network devices, usage, and Service Tag

● Software configuration for servers—Operating system and installed applications

● Configuration information—Interfaces, VLAN, Data Center Bridging (DCB), spanning tree, and stacking

● Identity information—System name, domain name, and IP address

● Event data—Windows event logs, core dump, and debug logs

By default, Services collects system information from all devices, irrespective of the service contract of the devices, and sends the device information securely to the backend. Device information is collected from one device at a time based on the predefined collection start day and time that is specified on the Schedule Tasks page. To start the collection on a different day, see

Enable or disable periodic collection of system information on page 39.

NOTE: If the security policy of your company restricts sending some of the collected system information outside of your company network, you can configure Services to exclude the collection of certain system information from your devices.

For information about excluding the collection of certain system information, see

Enable or disable collection of identity information on page 40.

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