Installing OpenManage Enterprise Services. Dell OpenManage Enterprise Services

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Installing OpenManage Enterprise Services


● Ensure that you logged in to OpenManage Enterprise as an Admin . Only the user with Admin role can install plugins in

OpenManage Enterprise.

● The OpenManage Enterprise Services plug-in is the recommended solution for proactive and predictive monitoring if you have OpenManage Enterprise setup to manage the life cycle of devices. When Services plug-in is integrated with your

OpenManage Enterprise setup, it provides a single end to end unified solution for your complete device life cycle and proactive and predictive support experience.

While you deploy Services plug-in, if you also have the stand-alone console deployed in your environment (secure connect gateway 5.x, SupportAssist Enterprise 4.x, or SupportAssist Enterprise 2.0.50 or lower), delete the OpenManage Enterprise adapter from the stand-alone version. This is to ensure you avoid duplicate management traffic and serviceability functions.

● Ensure that minimum requirements for installing and using OpenManage Enterprise Services are fulfilled. For the list of hardware, networking and ports, and operating system requirements, see Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Services

Support Matrix available at OpenManage Enterprise Services page in support site.

● You can download and install OpenManage Enterprise Services plug-in from

(online) or from an already downloaded package in a network share (offline). You can configure this setting in OpenManage Enterprise ( Application

Settings > Console and Plugins > Update Settings ). For more information about how to configure update settings, see

Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise User’s Guide .

○ To install OpenManage Enterprise Services from, you must ensure that the OpenManage Enterprise appliance can access


○ To install OpenManage Enterprise Services from a local network share, you must manually download the package from

to your network share and update the location on the Update Settings page in OpenManage


● If OpenManage Enterprise uses OpenID Connect (OIDC) for OAuth token-based authorization, ensure that:

○ The DNS server that is configured in OpenManage Enterprise can resolve the OIDC provider and Secure Remote


○ The OIDC provider and Secure Remote Services are in the same DNS domain.


1. Start Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise.

2. From the Application Settings menu, select Console and Plugins .

The Console and Plugins page is displayed.

3. On the Console and Plugins page, in the Services section, click Install .

The Install Plugin window is displayed.

4. On the Install Plugin window, from the Available Version(s) list, select the OpenManage Enterprise Services version.

5. Review and ensure that you meet the list of prerequisites that are mentioned in the Prerequisite section, and then click

Download Plugin .

After OpenManage Enterprise Services is downloaded successfully, the status that appears on the top of the Services section changes from Available to Downloaded .

6. On the Install Plugin window, click Install Plugin .

The install operation validates the prerequisites to install Services. If installation prerequisites are not fulfilled, an appropriate error message is displayed.

7. On the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT page, read the license agreement, and click Accept .

8. On the INFRASTRUCTURE TELEMETRY NOTICE page, read the telemetry notice, and click Accept .

9. On the Confirmation window, select the I agree that I have captured a snapshot of the OpenManage Enterprise appliance prior to performing a plugin action option, and then click Confirm Install .

The status of installation operation is displayed. After the successful installation of Services, the status that appears on the top of the Services section changes from Available to Installed .

16 Installing OpenManage Enterprise Services

Next steps

Register OpenManage Enterprise Services to monitor your devices for hardware issues and automatically collect device information. See

Register OpenManage Enterprise Services

on page 18.

Installing OpenManage Enterprise Services 17


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