CLEANING & Maintenance. Clarke 6926018, DEVIL 371SPC

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CLEANING & Maintenance. Clarke 6926018, DEVIL 371SPC | Manualzz


If the heater has been used, always allow it to cool down for at least 15 minutes and disconnect from the mains supply before performing any maintenance tasks.


Before attempting to fit/replace halogen tubes, ensure the heater is switched off and disconnected from the electrical supply.

NEVER handle the heater tubes with bare hands. ALWAYS handle using either a soft clean glove or a piece of soft clean cloth wrapped around the tube.

1. Remove the two screws and remove the guard.

2. To remove the tube, grasp it and gently but firmly push it to one end of the heater. The tube holders are spring loaded and will allow the tube sufficient movement to clear the opposite holder.

3. Remove the tube and dispose of, according to local regulations.

4. Fit the new halogen tubes in reverse order.

5. Replace the guard using the screws removed earlier.

The heater is now ready for use.


1. If there is any substantial build up of dirt, wipe the heater body with a damp cloth. Take care that no moisture enters the heater. Take care NOT to touch the tubes with your fingers.

2. Inspect the power cable for damage. Undue heat will cause the cable to stiffen and crack. If this is found, have the cable replaced. Check cable routing and ensure it is well away from the heat source.

3. Ensure heating tubes are clear of dust (use compressed air to clean if possible. (ALWAYS wear a dust mask if performing this operation)

4. Refer to your CLARKE dealer if internal repairs are required.

5. When storing the heater, allow it to cool down, then place it in its packing box for storage in a dry, ventilated place.


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