Service life of the machine. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges.

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Service life of the machine. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges. | Manualzz






Service life of the machine

Service life of the machine

• The service life of this machine depends on its proper operation and maintenance as well as the operating and harvesting conditions.

• By heeding the instructions and information in these operating instructions, permanent operational readiness and a long service life of the machine can be achieved.

• After each operating season, inspect the entire machine for wear and other damage.

• Replace damaged and worn components before recommissioning the machine.

• Carry out a full technical inspection of the machine after five years of machine operation and make a decision on further machine usage taking the results of this inspection into account.

• Theoretically, the service life of this machine is unlimited as all worn or damaged components can be replaced.



Basic safety instructions

Non-compliance with the safety instructions and warnings

Non-compliance with the safety instructions and warnings may result in injuries and damage to the environment and property.

Importance of operating instructions

The operating instructions are an important document and a part of the machine. They are intended for the user and contain information that is relevant to safety.

Only the procedures specified in the operating instructions are safe. If the operating instructions are not followed, there is a risk of serious or even fatal injuries.

„ Prior to using the machine for the first time, read and observe the "Basic safety notices" completely.

„ Prior to starting work, read and observe the respective sections in the operating instructions too.

„ Keep the operating instructions ready to hand for the user of the machine in the document storage tube,

see Page 45 .

„ Hand over the operating instructions to subsequent users.

Personnel qualification of the operating personnel

If the machine is not used properly, people may be seriously injured or killed. To avoid accidents, each person who works with the machine must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

• He is physically capable of controlling the machine.

• He can work safely with the machine in accordance with these operating instructions.

• He understands the method of operation of the machine within the scope of his work and can identify and avoid the dangers associated with the work.

• He has read the operating instructions and can implement the information in the operating instructions accordingly.

• He is familiar with driving vehicles safely.

• For road travel he has adequate knowledge of the highway code and has the stipulated driving licence.

EasyCut F 320 CV

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