Sources of danger on the machine. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges.

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Sources of danger on the machine. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges. | Manualzz





Basic safety instructions

Sources of danger on the machine

Noise may damage your health

The noise development of the machine during operation may cause health damage such as hardness of hearing, deafness or tinnitus. When using the machine at high rotational speed, the noise level also increases. The height of the sound pressure level depends mainly on the tractor used. The emissions value was measured with the cabin closed under conditions according to

DIN EN ISO 4254-1, Appendix B, see Page 49


„ Before starting up the machine, estimate the risk caused by noise.

„ Depending on the ambient conditions, working hours and the working and operating conditions of the machine, specify and use suitable hearing protection.

„ Specify rules for the use of hearing protection and for the working time.

„ During operation keep windows and doors of the cabin closed.

„ Remove hearing protection for road travel.

Liquids under high pressure

The following liquids are under high pressure:

• Hydraulic oil

Liquids escaping under high pressure may penetrate through the skin and cause severe injuries.

„ Shut down and safeguard the machine and contact qualified specialist workshop upon suspicion of damaged hydraulic system.

„ Never search for leaks with bare hands. Even a very pin-sized hole may lead to serious injuries.

„ When searching for leaks, use suitable aids, e.g. a piece of cardboard to avoid injuries.

„ Keep body and face away from leaks.

„ If liquids penetrate the body, immediately consult a doctor. The liquid must be removed from the body as quickly as possible.

Hot liquids

Persons can suffer burns and/or scalding when hot liquids are drained.

„ Wear personal protective equipment when hot consumables are drained.

„ If necessary, allow liquids and machine parts to cool down before you start repair, maintenance and cleaning work.

Damaged hydraulic hoses

Damaged hydraulic hoses may tear off, burst or cause oil leaks. As a result, the machine may be damaged and people may be seriously injured.


Shut down and safeguard the machine, see Page 24


„ If it is suspected that hydraulic hoses are damaged, immediately contact a service centre,

see Page 121



EasyCut F 320 CV

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