Behaviour in dangerous situations and in case of accidents. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges.

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Behaviour in dangerous situations and in case of accidents. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges. | Manualzz




Safety routines

Danger associated with welding work

Improper welding work will endanger the operational safety of the machine. As a result, accidents may occur and people may be seriously or fatally injured.

„ Never perform welding work on the following components:

• Gearbox

• Components of the hydraulics

• Components of the electronics

• Frame or supporting components

• Running gear

„ Before carrying out welding work on the machine, obtain consent by KRONE customer service and, if required, identify alternatives.

„ Before performing welding work on the machine, park the machine safely and disconnect it from the tractor.

„ Welding work must only be performed by experienced qualified personnel.

„ Attach the earthing of the welding device near the welding points.

„ Caution when performing welding work near electric and hydraulic parts, plastic parts and pressure accumulators. The parts may be damaged, endanger people or cause accidents.


Behaviour in dangerous situations and in case of accidents

Any measures not taken or incorrect measures in dangerous situations can make it difficult or impossible to rescue exposed persons. Due to the impeded conditions of rescue, the chances to help and heal injured people deteriorate.

„ As a matter of principle: Park the machine.

„ Get an overview of the existing danger and identify the reason.

„ Secure the accident site.

„ Save persons from the danger zone.

„ Leave danger zone and do not enter it again.

„ Alarm rescue workers and seek help, if possible.

„ Carry out immediate lifesaving actions.


Safety routines


Shutting down and safeguarding the machine


Risk of injury due to movement of the machine or machine parts

If the machine has not been shut down, machine or machine parts may move unintentionally.

As a result, people may be seriously injured or killed.

„ Before leaving the operating position: Shut down and safeguard the machine.


EasyCut F 320 CV

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