Commissioning. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges.

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Commissioning. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges. | Manualzz




Checklist for initial operation


This chapter describes assembly and adjustment work on the machine which may be carried out by qualified technicians only. Here, the notice “Personnel qualification of technicians” applies,

see Page 14





Risk of injury or damage to the machine due to faulty initial operation

If the initial operation is carried out incorrectly or incompletely, the machine may present defects. As a result, people may be injured or killed or the machine may be damaged.

„ Initial operation must only be carried out by authorised technicians.

„ Read in full and observe the “Personnel qualification of technicians”,

see Page 14 .


Risk of injury due to non-observance of relevant safety notices

If the relevant safety notices are not observed, persons may get seriously injured or killed.


To avoid accidents, the basic safety instructions must be read and observed, see

Page 13 .


Risk of injury due to non-observance of safety instructions

If the relevant safety routines are not observed, persons may be seriously injured or killed.

„ The safety routines must be read and observed to avoid accidents,

see Page 24 .

Checklist for initial operation

ü The supplied operating instructions are in the document storage tube.

ü The machine is mounted according to assembly instructions of the machine.

ü All screws and nuts are checked for tightness, and are tightened to the specified tightening

torques, see Page 109 .

ü The safety devices are mounted and checked for completeness and damage.

ü The machine is fully lubricated,

see Page 145 .


The oil level has been checked for all gearboxes, see Page 122 .

ü The hydraulic system has been checked for leaks.

ü The tractor corresponds to the machine requirements,

see Page 49 .

ü The axle loads, the minimum counterweight and the total weight have been checked.


Page 49 .

ü The length of the universal shaft has been checked and adjusted,

see Page 54 .


The blades have been inserted, see Page 130 .

ü The hydraulic system has been vented.

ü The friction clutch has been vented,

see Page 113


ü The coupling points have been adapted,

see Page 56


ü The clearance between tractor and machine has been checked,

see Page 65


ü With "Road travel lighting" version : Functioning and cleanliness of the road travel

lighting were checked, see Page 71 .

EasyCut F 320 CV

Original operating instructions 150000173_09_en-GB 53


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