Field mode. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges.

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Field mode. Krone BA EasyCut F 320 CV, BA EasyCut F 320 CV gez./ges. | Manualzz


Field mode




Field mode

Game animal protection


When mowing from “outside to inside”, the animals are slowly forced from the safe boundary area into the centre of the area, which makes the possibility for a life-saving escape for the animal more difficult or takes it away.

A remedy for this issue is the mowing method from “inside to outside” of the area.

Instead of mowing any edge sections at first, the operator drives straight into the middle of the field and then mows in a left-handed spiral "from the inside to the outside". This allows animals to escape from the field unharmed by following their natural instinct to flee.

Preparation for mowing

ü All items listed in chapter "Start-up" are fulfilled,

see Page 60


ü The stop cock for tractor front hydraulics is open.

ü For the “trailed” version : The stop cock on the hydraulic hose (1+) is open.


The machine is in the working position, see Page 85 .

ü The safety devices are folded down,

see Page 80


ü The support jack is inserted,

see Page 83 .


„ Prior to driving into the crops, switch on the tractor PTO shaft at idle speed and slowly accelerate to rated speed.

„ Drive into the crops.

„ Check the ground pressure during mowing,

see Page 97


„ To ensure a clean cutting pattern, adjust the driving and cutting speeds to the prevailing conditions (soil condition, state of the crops, height, density).

For the “pushed” version


Leave the control unit for front hydraulics in the float position during mowing.

EasyCut F 320 CV

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