General Precautions. Panasonic KYT936SLEPG, KYT935XLEPG

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General Precautions. Panasonic KYT936SLEPG, KYT935XLEPG | Manualzz



Safety Instructions

■ The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system.

■ Do not place paper or dishcloths under the cookware. They may get scorched due to the heat of the cookware.

■ WARNING: The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage to persons or items caused by failure to observe the above instructions, by interference with any part of the appliance or by the use of non-original spare parts.

General Precautions

The appliance emits magnetic lines of force. Do not place anything affected by magnetism close to the appliance.

- Radios, TVs, hearing aids may be liable to noise interference.

- Cards with magnetic strips such as store or bank cards, may be erased or damaged.

Do not use other IH cooking appliances, such as IH rice cooker or portable IH cooktop, on the top plate.

Electromagnetic waves generated by these may damage the appliance.

Do not place foods in the cabinet below the appliance.

They may be spoiled by the exhaust heat.

If acidic foods such as vinegar, jam, or lemon juice are spilt on the top plate, wipe off immediately.

Otherwise, the top plate may become discoloured.

Do not pour water on or place anything on the control panel.

The control panel keys may malfunction.

Do not place hot cookware on the control panel.

The control panel may get damaged.

Do not block the intake or exhaust vent.

The appliance may become hot and automatically switch off the main power.




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