- Pan Frying Mode. Panasonic KYT936SLEPG, KYT935XLEPG

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- Pan Frying Mode. Panasonic KYT936SLEPG, KYT935XLEPG | Manualzz

Error Codes

Heating automatically resumes if the causes of the following error are eliminated within 1 minute.

Indication Possible cause

Cookware not detected

No pan placed on the cooking zone.

The pan has been removed.

The pan is not in the correct position.

(See page 14)

An incompatible pan is used.

(See page 15)

Small object on the cooking zone

Small metal objects (e.g. cutlery, utensils) are placed on the cooking zone.

If the above conditions are not rectified, the display and the main power will turn off.



The following errors can be cleared by turning off the corresponding cooking zone.

Indication Possible cause

The intake or exhaust vent are blocked.

(See page 42)

Remove any blockages.

Empty pan on the cooking zone

An empty pan has been heated.

When deep/shallow frying, oil was preheated by

Heating Mode instead of Deep/Shallow Frying Mode.

Use Deep/Shallow Frying Mode for heating up a large amount of oil.

Incompatible cookware is used for Deep/Shallow

Frying Mode.

(See page 15)

The pan is not in the correct position.

(See page 14)

More than 800 g of oil has been heated up.

Ingredients were added while preheating.

Error Codes

If you cannot resolve the problems, or any error appears, contact the service centre.

Turn off the main power switch and the circuit breaker. Contact the dealer you purchased the appliance from or the service centre for assistance.


During the warranty period, any repairs may only be performed by service technicians authorised by the appliance manufacturer.

Unauthorised repairs may cause electric shock and short circuit; do not attempt this yourself. Consult an authorised service technician.

Warranty claims that resulted from improper connection or use of the appliance is not covered by the warranty. In such cases, the costs of repair are borne by the user.

For the list of service centres, refer to the guarantee booklet.




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