- Deep/Shallow Frying Mode. Panasonic KYT936SLEPG, KYT935XLEPG

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- Deep/Shallow Frying Mode. Panasonic KYT936SLEPG, KYT935XLEPG | Manualzz



Installation Instructions

Installation and Connection

Please fully observe the following safety precautions.


Unpack the appliance, remove all packing material, and examine for any damage. If the appliance is damaged DO NOT install and notify your dealer immediately.

Install the appliance in accordance with the Installation Instructions.

Otherwise, the performance of the appliance may be affected.

After installation, perform a test run and explain to the customer how to operate the appliance.

Correct installation is the responsibility of the installer. Any malfunction or accident resulting from the failure to follow

Installation Instructions is not covered by the warranty.

Safety Instructions

When performing the installation, follow these instructions completely. Improper installation may cause an electric leakage or fire.

Install 220-240 V dedicated single-phase (or three-phase at 380-415 V 3N) circuit with the earth leakage circuit breaker for the power supply. The electrical wiring may abnormally overheat if the dedicated circuit is not properly connected.

Safety Instructions

Electrical work must be performed by a legally qualified electrician. Improper wire connections may cause electric leakages or fires.

This appliance must be properly earthed following the electric laws. Earth line must not be connected to gas pipe, water pipe, earth of a lightning rod or telephone. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock in case of appliance breakdown or insulation breakdown.

Have a qualified electrician earth the appliance.

Improper earthing may cause an electric shock.

Before performing the installation, turn off the circuit breaker. This can prevent electric shock.

If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a service technician authorised by the appliance manufacturer in order to avoid a hazard.

Do not disassemble, repair or modify the appliance (e.g. the top plate). Doing so may cause the appliance to operate abnormally and may be dangerous.





Safety Instructions

Do not step on the appliance, or drop heavy items on top of it. Cracks in the top plate may cause overheating, malfunctions or electric shocks.

Do not touch high temperature parts, such as the top plate after use.

The power cord must be accurately connected to ensure the integrity of the connection.

Improper wire connections may cause electric leakages or fires.

Use heat resistant materials for the countertop.

However, do not use varnished materials as they may become discoloured. The material of the countertop should have heat resistance equal to or exceeding that of laminated thermosetting high-pressure decorative sheets.

If the materials are not heat resistant, they may get deformed or cause a fire.

WARNING: The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage to persons or items caused by failure to observe the safety instructions, by interference with any part of the appliance or by the use of non-original spare parts.

Installation Location

Installation of the Appliance

Max. 330 mm depth of cabinets

Min. 762 mm clearance from the top of the cooktop to the bottom of the cabinets

Min. 51 mm clearance from cutout to rear wall

Min. 51 mm clearance from cutout to side wall


For more details on cutout, see page 44.



(2 pieces)

See page 47.




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