Cleaning the cooktop for the first time. Miele KM 3010 G

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Cleaning the cooktop for the first time. Miele KM 3010 G | Manualzz

Before first use

Cleaning the cooktop for the first time

 Before first use, wipe down the appliance with a damp cloth and dry it.

 Using a soft sponge, clean all removable burner parts with a solution of warm water and a small amount of liquid dish soap. Dry the parts thoroughly after cleaning and reassemble the burners (see “Cleaning and care”).

Turning on the cooktop for the first time

Metal components are protected by a conditioning agent. Smells and vapor may occur when the appliance is used for the first time.

The smell and any vapors do not indicate a faulty connection or a defective appliance and are not harmful to your health.



- Select cookware that fits the size of the burner:

Large diameter = large burner

Small diameter = small burner

- Using cookware that is too large can cause the flames to spread out and damage the surrounding countertop or other appliances. Choosing the right cookware size improves efficiency.

- Any cookware that has a diameter smaller than the burner grate or which does not rest in a stable position on the grate (without wobbling) is dangerous and should not be used.

- Unlike cookware that is used on an electric cooktop, the bottom of cookware used on a cooktop does not have to be flat to deliver effective cooking performance.

- When purchasing pots and pans, keep in mind that the diameter indicated is typically the top diameter, not the bottom diameter.

- All heat-resistant cookware is suitable for use.

- Cookware with a thick bottom is preferable, as it distributes heat more evenly. Cookware with a thin bottom may cause food to overheat in certain spots. To avoid this, stir the food frequently.

- Always place the cookware on the pot rests supplied. Do not place cookware directly on the burners.

- Position the cookware on the burner grate so that it cannot tip. There is always a possibility of a slight tilt, despite the proper position.

- Do not use pots or pans that have bottoms with pronounced edges.


Energy saving tips

- Whenever possible, keep pots and pans covered while cooking. Doing so will prevent unnecessary heat loss.

- Wide, shallow cookware heats up faster and is therefore preferable to tall, narrow cookware.

- Cook with as little water as possible.

- Reduce the power setting once the water has come to a boil or the oil/fat is hot enough for frying.

- Use a pressure cooker to reduce the cooking time.



Key Features

  • Black 62.6 cm Built-in
  • 4 zone(s) Ceramic Gas
  • Control type: Rotary Electronic ignition

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