Adjusting the flame. Miele KM 3010 G

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Adjusting the flame. Miele KM 3010 G | Manualzz


Adjusting the flame

The burners can be variably adjusted between the lowest and highest flame settings.

Because the edges of the flame are much hotter than its center, the flame tips should stay beneath the bottom of the cookware. Flame tips which extend beyond the sides of the cookware emit unnecessary heat into the room and can also damage cookware handles, which increases the risk of injury.

Visual characteristics gas flames

Yellow flames

Contact the Miele

Service Department.

Yellow tips on outer cones

Normal for propane gas

 Adjust the flame so that it never extends up the sides of the cookware.

Soft blue flames yellow color is only allowed at the tip of the inner cone

Normal for natural gas

Switching off

 Turn the control knob clockwise to the   position.

This stops the flow of gas and the flame goes out.



Key Features

  • Black 62.6 cm Built-in
  • 4 zone(s) Ceramic Gas
  • Control type: Rotary Electronic ignition

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