Ceramic surface. Miele KM 3010 G

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Ceramic surface. Miele KM 3010 G | Manualzz

Cleaning and care

 The entire cooktop should be cleaned after each use.

 Soften any stubborn soiling beforehand.

 Dry the cooktop after using water to clean it. This helps prevent lime deposits.

Ceramic surface

 Risk of damage caused by pointed objects.

The seal between the cooktop and the countertop could be damaged.

The seal between the ceramic surface and the frame could be damaged.

Do not use pointed objects for cleaning.

as this could result in marking. Please follow the cleaning-agent manufacturer’s instructions.

 Spots caused by limescale or water can be removed using Miele’s ceramic and stainless steel cooktop cleaner.

 Wipe the surface afterwards with a damp cloth to remove any cleaning agent residues.

Residues can burn on the next time the appliance is used and cause damage to the ceramic surface. Ensure that all cleaner residues are removed.

 Dry the ceramic surface with a clean, soft cloth.

When cleaning with liquid dish soap, not all contaminants and residues are removed. An invisible film forms, which causes discoloration of the ceramic. This discoloration cannot be removed.

Clean the ceramic surface regularly with a suitable ceramic cooktop cleaning agent.

 First wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to loosen soiling, then remove stubborn debris with a glass scraper.

 Then clean the ceramic surface with the Miele ceramic and stainless steel cooktop cleaner (see “Optional accessories”) or with a proprietary ceramic cleaner applied with paper towels or a clean cloth. Do not apply cleaner while the cooktop is still hot,



Key Features

  • Black 62.6 cm Built-in
  • 4 zone(s) Ceramic Gas
  • Control type: Rotary Electronic ignition

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