Installation. Miele KM 3010 G

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Installation. Miele KM 3010 G | Manualzz




Preparing the countertop

 Create the countertop cut-out as shown in the cooktop diagram. Remember to maintain the minimum safety distances (see “Installation –

 Safety distances”).

 Seal any cut surfaces on the wooden countertop with a special varnish, silicone rubber, or resin to prevent the wood from swelling as a result of moisture. The sealant must be temperature-resistant.

Ensure that the sealant does not get on the top surface of the countertop.

The sealing strip ensures that the cooktop will sit securely in the cut-out without slipping. Any gap between the trim and countertop will become smaller over time.

Installing the cooktop

 Feed the appliance power cord down through the counter cut-out.

 Place the cooktop centrally in the cut-out. When doing this make sure that the seal of the appliance sits flush with the countertop on all sides.

This is important to ensure an effective seal all round.

If during installation the seal around the frame does not sit flush with the countertop in the corners, the corner radius, maximum 3/16" ( ≤  R4/ 4 mm), can be carefully filed down to fit.

Do not use any additional sealant

(e.g. silicone).

 Connect the cooktop to the electrical power supply (see “Installation –

 Electrical connection”).

 Connect the cooktop to the gas supply (see “Installation – Gas connection”).



Securing the cooktop

 Secure the cooktop using the brackets   supplied.


Checking for proper function

 After installing the cooktop, ignite all burners to check that they are operating correctly:

- The flame must not go out on the lowest setting, or when the control is turned quickly from the highest to the lowest setting.

- On the highest setting, the flame must have a distinctive and visible core.



Key Features

  • Black 62.6 cm Built-in
  • 4 zone(s) Ceramic Gas
  • Control type: Rotary Electronic ignition

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