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Gas connection

 Connection to the gas supply may only be performed by a duly authorized technician. This technician is responsible for proper function at the installation site.

In Massachusetts, the gas connection may be performed only by a certified gas installer.

The appliance must be connected with its own shut-off valve.

The shut-off valve must be accessible and visible, after the opening of a cabinet door, if necessary.

The gas connection can be to natural gas or propane gas according to the model.

Ask your gas company what kind of gas is used and compare it with the specifications on the data plate.

The appliance is not connected to an exhaust vent.

During the setup and connection of the appliance, observe the applicable installation conditions, especially suitable ventilation measures.

Arrange the gas connections in such a way that they are not heated and damaged by the operation of the appliance.

In particular, make sure that the gas hose lines and connection fittings on the applinace do not come into contact with hot exhaust gases

The gas hose and power cord could be damaged by hot spots on the appliance.

Make sure that the gas hose and power cord do not come into contact with hot spots on the appliance.

Flexible connection lines can be damaged by incorrect routing.

Attach flexible connecting lines in such a way so that they do not come into contact with any moving kitchen parts (e.g., a drawer) and are not exposed to mechanical stress.

Disconnect the appliance and the shut-off valve from the gas supply before performing a gas pressure test at a pressure of more than ½  psi

(3.5 kPA). Close the shut-off valve of the gas supply before performing a gas pressure test at a pressure of less than or equal to ½  psi (3.5 kPA).

Incorrectly sealed gas lines can lead to a gas leak and thus to an explosion.

Seal all gas lines with a suitable thread sealant.

Seal tightness tests on the appliance must be performed according to manufacturer specifications.



The gas connection must be made in accordance with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with:

National Fuel Gas Code

ANSI Z 223.1 / NFPA No. 54 for the

United States or the current Natural

Gas and Propane Installation Code,

CSA B149.l. for Canada.

The gas pressure may not undershoot or exceed certain values.

Make sure that the maximum gas pressure upstream of the gas pressure controller does not amount to more than ½  psi (3.5 kPA) for natural and propane gas.

Make sure that the minimum gas supply pressure amounts to 6" w.c.

for natural gas and 1" w.c. for propane gas.


The gas connection of the appliance is designed for natural gas or propane gas according to the ordered model.

If the appliance is not equipped with the correct connection for the gas type in your household, contact your Miele dealer.




Gas pressure regulator

The included pressure regulator corresponds with the gas type of the appliance. Verify before installing.

The adjusted pressure is:

Natural gas 4“ w.c.

LP gas 10” w.c.

A flexible steel hose approved by the

AGA or CGA can be used between the gas connection and the regulator. This flexible hose enables the cooktop to be lifted out of the cut-out for maintenance or repair work. Check to make sure that no drawers, doors, or similar come into contact with this flexible hose.

Gas leak due to unsuitable regulator.

Only use the regulator supplied by


If you are in any doubt, contact Miele

Customer Service.

Leakage test

 After connecting the appliance check all fittings for gas leaks e.g. with soapy water.

a Appliance b ½ " NPT gas connection c Regulator

The regulator must be installed as shown in the diagram when you connect the Miele Cooktop to your gas connection. The regulator has been adapted by Miele to meet all statutory safety requirements. The regulator must be easily accessible after the cooktop has been installed.



Key Features

  • Black 62.6 cm Built-in
  • 4 zone(s) Ceramic Gas
  • Control type: Rotary Electronic ignition

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