Setting the temperature. Miele KWT 6321 UG

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Setting the temperature. Miele KWT 6321 UG | Manualzz

The optimum temperature and air quality

Safety device in case of low ambient temperatures

The appliance is equipped with a safety thermostat to protect your wine against a sharp drop in temperature. If the external temperature should fall, a heater element switches on automatically to keep the temperature inside as constant as possible. If the ambient temperature continues to fall, the appliance switches itself off automatically.

Isolator plate for thermal separation

The unit comes with a fixed isolation panel that partitions the interior of the wine conditioning unit into two separate temperature zones. This enables you to store different types of wine at the same time, e.g., red wine and Champagne.

The isolation strips inside the glass door prevent the exchange of heat between the individual zones.

Setting the temperature

You can set the respective temperatures using the two sensors below the temperature displays.

 To do so press the sensors under the relevant temperature display.


- the temperature will get colder,

- the temperature will get warmer.

The temperature range being set will flash in the display as you do this.

When you touch the sensors, you will see the following changes in the respective temperature display:

- Touching a sensor once: the last temperature selected flashes.

- Each subsequent touch of a sensor:

The temperature is adjusted in 1°C steps.

- Keeping your finger on the sensor: changes the temperature continuously.

Approximately 5 seconds after you release the sensor, the actual temperature in the respective zone will be displayed automatically.



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Key Features

  • Built-in 34 bottle(s) Grey
  • Number of shelves: 4 Number of doors: 1
  • 38 dB
  • 142 kWh
  • Built-in display Interior light

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