Temperature alarm. Miele KWT 6321 UG

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Temperature alarm. Miele KWT 6321 UG | Manualzz

Temperature and door alarm

This wine conditioning unit is equipped with an alarm system so that the temperature cannot rise or fall unnoticed, thus possibly damaging the wine.

Temperature alarm

An alarm will sound if the temperature in one of the wine conditioning zones becomes too warm or too cold.

The relevant temperature display will flash at the same time.

The temperature the wine unit is set at determines the temperature the appliance recognises as being too warm or too cold.

Audible and visual signals will be activated, for example,

- when the wine unit is switched on and the temperature in one of the temperature zones differs greatly from the set temperature,

- too much warm ambient air entering the cabinet when bottles are being rearranged or taken out,

- when a large number of bottles are stored for the first time,

- in the event of a power cut.

The alarm will stop and the temperature displays will light up constantly when temperature reaches the correct level again.

Switching the temperature alarm off early

If the noise disturbs you, you can switch the alarm off if you wish.

 Touch the sensor for switching off the temperature alarm.

The alarm will stop.

The relevant temperature display will continue to flash until the temperature is at the correct level.



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Key Features

  • Built-in 34 bottle(s) Grey
  • Number of shelves: 4 Number of doors: 1
  • 38 dB
  • 142 kWh
  • Built-in display Interior light

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