Switching the feature lighting on and off. Miele KWT 6321 UG

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Switching the feature lighting on and off. Miele KWT 6321 UG | Manualzz

The interior lighting can be set to remain on when the door is closed so your wines can be on display at all times.

Each wine conditioning zone has its own lighting strip so that all zones are illuminated.

Thanks to the use of LED lighting, the wine will not be adversely affected by heat or UV light.

Switching the feature lighting on and off

Feature lighting

Setting the brightness of the feature lighting

The brightness of the feature lighting can be adjusted.

 Touch and keep you finger on the feature lighting On/Off sensor.

 At the same time, touch the sensors for setting the temperature.


 Touch the feature lighting On/Off sensor so that the indicator light comes on.

The interior lighting is now switched on in both wine conditioning zones, even when the door is closed.

To switch the feature lighting off again:

 Touch the feature lighting On/Off sensor so that the indicator light goes out.

The interior lighting is now switched off when the appliance door is closed.

- the lighting becomes dimmer

- the lighting becomes brighter.

 Danger of injury from LED lighting.

This lighting corresponds to risk group RG 2. If the cover is defective, there is a danger of eye injury.

If the lighting cover is defective, do not look from a close range directly into the lighting with optical instruments (e.g. magnifying glass or similar).


Storing wine bottles

Vibration and movement have a negative effect on the maturing process, which can in turn affect the taste of the wine.

To avoid disturbing other bottles when removing a bottle of wine, store bottles of the same type beside each other on the same shelf. Avoid stacking bottles on top of one another on the wooden shelves.

Always place the bottles in a horizontal position so that the natural corks can be kept moist on the inside and air is prevented from getting into the bottles.

Tip: We also recommend increasing the humidity level inside the wine conditioning unit for wine bottles with natural corks (see “The optimum temperature and air quality – Using DynaCool (constant humidity)   ”).

 Risk of injury from falling wine bottles.

Wine bottles may become wedged in the wooden shelves above and fall out of the wine conditioning unit when the shelves are pulled out.

Always pull out the wooden shelves slowly and carefully.

 Risk of damage and injury from broken glass.

If wooden shelves and bottles protrude too far forwards, they may damage the glass door when it is closed.

Please ensure that the wooden shelves and wine bottles do not protrude.

Do not cover the vents in the rear wall, as they are essential for keeping the appliance cool.



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Key Features

  • Built-in 34 bottle(s) Grey
  • Number of shelves: 4 Number of doors: 1
  • 38 dB
  • 142 kWh
  • Built-in display Interior light

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