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View from above


Changing the door hinging

The wine conditioning unit is supplied right-hinged. If left-hand hinging is required, the hinges must be changed.

To change the door hinging, you will need the following tools:

 Danger of injury and damage to the appliance.

The glass door is breakable.

The glass door is heavy. Always change the door hinging with the assistance of another person.

 Danger of injury and damage to the appliance.

The glass door can drop.

When changing the door hinging make sure that all fixing parts are securely screwed into position.

Tip: Place a suitable cover on the floor in front of the wine conditioning unit to protect the glass door and your floor from damage when changing the hinging.

Be careful not to damage the door seal. If the door seal is damaged, the appliance door may not close properly and cooling will be insufficient.

 Use a screwdriver to remove covers

 .

 Danger of injury and damage to the appliance.

The appliance door is not secure once the screws in the retaining brackets have been removed.

The second person must support the appliance door.

 Remove the screws completely. Start with the bottom screws  , then unscrew the top screws  .

 Remove the appliance door  .


Changing the door hinging

 Place the appliance door with the outer side upwards on a stable surface.

 Take off the upper retaining bracket

 and replace it on the opposite side.

 Remove the hinge bracket at the top

 and the cover cap  on the opposite side.

 Push out the bushing.

 Remove the retaining bracket at the bottom right  of the appliance and fit it to the bottom left. Make sure the drill holes match up.

 Switch the positions of the cover cap and bushing.

 Unscrew the bottom hinge bracket

 .

 Remove the washer from the hinge pin and from the screw.


Changing the door hinging

 Unscrew the door opening angle limiter  from the lower hinge bracket

 .

 Screw the door opening angle limiter

 onto the other hinge bracket  .

 Place one washer over the hinge pin and the other washer between the door and the screw.

 Fit the appliance door  .

 Screw the door into the drill holes  .

 Now install the wine unit.

 Screw the hinge bracket with the door opening angle limiter onto the bottom left of the door  .

 Fit the other hinge bracket to the top left of the door.

The second person must now support the appliance door.



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Key Features

  • Built-in 34 bottle(s) Grey
  • Number of shelves: 4 Number of doors: 1
  • 38 dB
  • 142 kWh
  • Built-in display Interior light

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