Install Water Line. Monogram ZIFS240NSS, ZIFI240HII, Fresh-Food Refrigerator, ZIBS240NSS, ZIBI240HII

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Install Water Line. Monogram ZIFS240NSS, ZIFI240HII, Fresh-Food Refrigerator, ZIBS240NSS, ZIBI240HII | Manualzz

Installation Instructions




Connect to potable water supply only.


Raccordez l’appareil à une alimentation d’eau potable seulement.

• A cold water supply is required for automatic icemaker operation. The water pressure must be between 20 and

120 p.s.i. (137-827 kPa).

• The water line can enter the opening through the floor or back wall. Route 1/4” O.D. copper tubing or

SmartConnect™ kit between the cold water line and water connection location, long enough to extend to the front of the refrigerator.

• Install an optional water filter in the water line near the refrigerator. A water filter is recommended in areas where the water supply contains sand and particles.

Installation Instructions are packed with the filter.

NOTE: The only GE approved plastic tubing is supplied in the SmartConnect™ Refrigerator Tubing kits. Do not use any other plastic water supply line because the line is under pressure at all times. Other types of plastic may crack or rupture with age and cause water damage to your home.

SmartConnect™ Refrigerator Tubing Kits are available in the following lengths: ƍP:;; ƍP:;; ƍP:;; ƍP:;;

Shut off the main water supply.

Turn on the nearest faucet long enough to clear the line of water.

• Install a shut-off valve (required) between the icemaker water valve and cold water pipe in a basement or cabinet. The shut-off valve should be located where it will be easily accessible.

• Turn on the main water supply and flush debris. Run about a quart of water through the tubing into a bucket.

Shut off water supply at the shut-off valve.

NOTE: Saddle type shut-off valves are included in many water supply kits, but are not recommended for this application.

Water Line Water Line

Shaded Area 9" max.




1-1/2" min.

NOTE: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Plumbing Codes

248CMR shall be adhered to. Saddle valves are illegal and use is not permitted in Massachusetts. Consult with your licensed plumber.




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