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NOTE: When the heat function is used for the first time, a slight odor may be present. This is normal and should not occur again unless the heater is not used for an extended period of time.


Using the Control Panel

□ Check that the heater outlet grill is not covered or obstructed in anyway, and make sure the power to the unit is switched on.

□ The fireplace can be accessed in two ways: Using the touchpad control panel, or using the multifunction remote control unit.

□ Press the appropriate button to operate your fireplace:

1. Main Power Button: This button supplies power to all of the fireplace functions. It must be turned on for the fireplace to work.

2. Heater Control Button: This button controls the heater ON/OFF. When the temperature unit is set as

‘F”or “C”, the temperature scope are as follows:

“F” =Fahrenheit temperature 86°F, 84°F, 82°F, 80°F,

78°F, 76°F, 74°F, 72°F, 70°F, 68°F, 66°F, 64°F, 62°F.

“C” =Celsius temperature 30°C, 29°C, 28°C, 27°C,

26°C, 25°C, 24°C, 23°C, 22°C, 21.C, 20°C, 19°C, 18°C, 17°C.

3. Flame Control Button: This button controls the brightness of the flame effect with settings at High,

Medium, and Low. When the log set is first turned on, the flame will come on at the highest setting. The log set will remember the last flame setting used and in later use the flame brightness will start at that setting, unless power to the unit has been interrupted. Each time the flame button is pressed, the flame brightness decreases. The only way to turn off the flame effect completely is to turn off the main power button (1).

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4. Timer Button: This button controls the ON/OFF and

8-time setting from 1 H to 8 H. When the Timer is first turned on, it will come on at the shortest time setting

(1 H). Each time the Timer button is pressed, the time increases 1 hour, up to the longest setting (8 hours).

Once the set time expires, all fireplace functions will be automatically turned off.

5. Fahrenheit/Celsius Display: This button displays

F (Fahrenheit) or C (Celsius) depending on how the temperature mode is set. When the fireplace is turned on, the Fahrenheit (F) temperature will be displayed.

To switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, or vise-versa, when the HEATER is ON, hold HEATER CONTROL button for 10 seconds. The fireplace will remember the last temperature mode setting, and in later use, the display will start at that setting, unless power to the unit has been interrupted.

6. Temperature/Timer Display: This LED display shows the set point for the temperature and timer functions. When either of these functions is activated, the display reflects the set point for five seconds and then fades to black. Any change in the set point of the temperature or timer will reactivate the display, which again fades after five seconds.

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NOTE: After the fireplace has been operating, when the unit is turned off, the fan (not the heater) will continue to run for about 1 minute to cool down the interior of the unit. During this time, you may feel cool air from the blower outlet. This is normal and does not require any action. The fan will stop once the interior cools down.

IMPORTANT: Under normal operation, when power is interrupted from either an outage of from unplugging unit from wall while still in operation, error code “EC” may appear on the LCD control panel and the unit will cease operation. In order to reset, unplug the unit for 10 minutes, then plug back in for normal operation in accordance with the Use and Care guide.



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