Operation. Ryobi RY40270-PRN

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 Operation. Ryobi RY40270-PRN | Manualzz



Never install, remove, or adjust any attachment while power head is running. Failure to stop the motor can cause serious personal injury. Never operate power head without an attachment.

This 40 V power head may be used with only the following

Ryobi Expand-It attachments:

 RY15518, RYEDG11, and RYEDG12 Edgers

 RY15519, RYBLW22, and RYAXA22 Blowers

 RY15523, RY15523A and RYSST44 Straight Shaft String


 RY15525 and RYCST55 Curved Shaft String Trimmers

 RY15550 and RYTIL66 Cultivators

 RY15520 and RYPRN33 Pruners

 RYSNW00 Snow Thrower

 RYSWP25 Sweeper

The attachment connects to the power head by means of a coupler device.

 Stop the motor and remove the battery pack.

 Loosen the knob on the coupler of the power head shaft and remove the end cap from the attachment.

 Push in the button located on the attachment shaft. Align the button with the guide recess on the power head coupler and slide the two shafts together. Rotate the attachment shaft until the button locks into the positioning hole.

NOTE: If the button does not release completely in the positioning hole, the shafts are not locked into place.

Slightly rotate from side to side until the button is locked into place.

 Tighten the knob securely.


Be certain the knob is fully tightened before operating equipment; check it periodically for tightness during use to avoid serious personal injury.



 Stop the motor and remove the battery pack.

 Loosen the knob.

 Push in the button and twist the shafts to remove and separate ends.


See Figure 3.

 Loosen and remove the wing bolt and washer from the handle.

 Install the handle on the power head shaft in the area indicated by the illustration.

 Adjust handle up or down, if necessary, to desired operating position.

 Reinstall the washer and wing bolt. Tighten wing bolt to secure.



Read and understand entire Operator’s Manual for each optional attachment used on this power head and follow all warnings and instructions. Failure to follow all instructions could result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury.


Do not allow familiarity with products to make you careless. Remember that a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict serious injury.


Always wear eye protection with side shields marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1. Hearing and/or head protection may also be required depending on the type of attachment used and as prescribed in the attachment’s Operator’s Manual. Failure to do so could result in objects being thrown into your eyes and other possible serious injuries.


Do not use any attachments or accessories not recommended by the manufacturer of this product. The use of attachments or accessories not recommended can result in serious personal injury.

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Before each use, inspect the entire product for damaged, missing, or loose parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, caps, etc. Tighten securely all fasteners and caps and do not operate this product until all missing or damaged parts are replaced. Please contact customer service or a qualified service center for assistance.


See Figure 5.

The angle of the front handle can be adjusted 180°.

 Remove the battery pack.

 Set the power head on a flat surface and turn the knob counterclockwise to loosen the handle.

 Adjust the handle as desired.

 Turn the knob clockwise until the handle is securely tightened before reinstalling the battery pack.


See Figure 6.

To start:


Always remove battery pack from your tool when you are assembling parts, making adjustments, cleaning, or when not in use. Removing battery pack will prevent accidental starting that could cause serious personal injury.


See Figure 4.

To install battery pack:

 Place the battery pack in the power head. Align raised ribs on battery pack with grooves in the power head’s battery port.

To stop:


Make sure the latch on the bottom of the battery pack snaps in place and the battery pack is fully seated and secure in the power head battery port before beginning operation. Failure to securely seat the battery pack could cause the battery pack to fall out, resulting in serious personal injury.

To remove battery pack:

 Press and hold the battery latch button at the bottom of the battery pack.

 Remove battery pack from the power head.

For complete charging instructions, refer to the Operator’s

Manuals for your RYOBI battery pack and charger models.

will automatically reset to the locked position.


See Figures 7 - 12.

Hold the power head with your right hand on the rear handle and your left hand on the front handle. Keep a firm grip with both hands while in operation. Power head should be held at a comfortable position with the rear handle about hip height.

Always operate power head with switch trigger completely depressed. If debris becomes wrapped around the attachment, RELEASE THE SWITCH TRIGGER, remove the battery pack, and remove the debris.


Always hold the power head away from the body keeping clearance between the body and the tool. Any contact with an attachment cutting head can result in burns and/ or other serious personal injury.


To avoid serious personal injury, always remove the battery pack and keep hands clear of the trigger lock-out when carrying or transporting the tool.


Extreme care must be taken when using a blade attachment to ensure safe operation. Read the safety information for safe operation when using a blade attachment and refer to the safety rules and instructions in your attachment manual. Never use a brush cutter attachment with this power head. Improper operation of a blade or any attachment could result in serious injury.

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