Maintenance. Ryobi RY40270-PRN

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Before inspecting, cleaning, or servicing the machine, shut off engine or motor, wait for all moving parts to stop, and disconnect spark plug wire and move it away from spark plug or disconnect from power supply. Failure to follow these instructions can result in serious personal injury or property damage.


Always wear eye protection with side shields marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1. Failure to do so could result in objects being thrown into your eyes, resulting in possible serious injury.


When servicing, use only identical replacement parts.

Use of any other parts could create a hazard or cause product damage.


Avoid using solvents when cleaning plastic parts. Most plastics are susceptible to damage from various types of commercial solvents and may be damaged by their use. Use clean cloths to remove dirt, dust, oil, grease, etc.


Do not at any time let brake fluids, gasoline, petroleumbased products, penetrating oils, etc., come in contact with plastic parts. Chemicals can damage, weaken or destroy plastic which could result in serious personal injury.


See Figures 8 - 9.

Use original manufacturer’s replacement line for best performance.

wire for gas power heads, remove the battery pack for cordless power heads, or disconnect the plug from the power source for electric power heads.

 Rotate the bump knob clockwise as necessary to align the arrows on the bump knob with the arrows on the string head housing.

 Cut one piece of trimmer line 10 ft. long. Insert the line into the eyelet on the string head housing. Push until the end of the line comes out the other side of the housing.

Pull the line until equal amounts of line appear on both sides of the housing.

 Either by hand or using the Speed Winder ™ , rotate the bump knob clockwise to wind the line on the spool until approximately 6 in. of line is showing on each side.

NOTE: For best results, after every five to seven revolutions of the Speed Winder ™ , pull both line ends taut for best loading results and to help prevent line from tangling.

 Push the bump knob down while pulling on line(s) to manually advance the line.



See Figures 10 - 11.

wire for gas power heads, remove the battery pack for cordless power heads, or disconnect the plug from the power source for electric power heads.

 Depress the tabs on the side of the string head housing to remove the lower string head housing.

NOTE: when the tabs are depressed. It is not necessary to remove the upper string head housing from the drive shaft.

 Push the spool and bump knob through the string head housing and remove the string from the spool.

 If replacing the bump knob, remove the old knob from the spool. Align the knob ribs with the spool slots and place the new bump knob onto the spool. If you are not replacing the bump knob, skip this step.

 Insert the bump knob and spool assembly through the opening in the string head housing.

 Align the slots on the lower string head housing with the tabs on the upper string head housing.

 Push the housing together until the tabs snap into place.

NOTE: installation.

 Install line as described in Line Replacement .

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