Preparing the remote control. Panasonic PT-LW376

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Preparing the remote control. Panasonic PT-LW376 | Manualzz

Chapter 1 Preparation - Preparing the remote control

Preparing the remote control

Inserting and removing batteries



Fig. 1

1) Open the cover. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 2

2) Insert batteries and close the cover (Insert the " m " side first.). (Fig. 2) f When removing the batteries, perform the steps in reverse order.

When using the multiple projectors

When you use the system with multiple projectors, you can operate all the projectors simultaneously or each projector individually by using single remote control, if a unique ID number is assigned to each projector.

When you want to set the ID number, at first you need to set the ID number of the projector, and then set the ID number on the remote control.

The factory default ID number of the unit (the projector and the remote control) is set to [ALL], you can control with this setting. If necessary, please set the ID number to the remote control and the projector. About how to set the ID number of the remote control, please refer to “Setting the ID number of the remote control” ( x page 52).

Note f Set the ID number of the projector from the [PROJECTOR SETUP] menu → [PROJECTOR ID] ( x page 77)


Chapter 2 Getting Started

This chapter describes things you need to do before using the projector such as the setup and connections.



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