Projecting with NETWORK input. Panasonic PT-LW376

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Projecting with NETWORK input. Panasonic PT-LW376 | Manualzz

Chapter 5 Operation of Function - Projecting with NETWORK input

Projecting with NETWORK input

(Only for PT-LW376, PT-LW336, PT-LB426, PT-LB386 and PT-LB356)

Using the Panasonic application, the image sent from a device connected via LAN can be displayed as a projected image.

The wireless module (Model No.: AJ-WM50 / ET-WML100 ) of the optional accessories is required if you want to use the network function through the wireless LAN.

Application that can be used

The image transfer application software used for NETWORK input are as follows.

f Presenter Light (for Windows) f Wireless Projector for iOS, Wireless Projector for Android

Note f For details of the image transfer application software of Presenter Light and Wireless Projector, refer to the website:

Connecting the device

1) Press the <MEMORY VIEWER/NETWORK> button to switch the input to NETWORK.

f Every time the <MEMORY VIEWER/NETWORK> button is pressed, the input will switch between

MEMORY VIEWER and NETWORK. f The standby screen is displayed once the input is switched to NETWORK.

2) Connect the device with the image transfer application software started to the projector.

f The image sent to the projector by the operation on the device is displayed as the projected image.

Note f For details of the connection method to the projector using the application software, refer to the Operation Instruction of each application software.

f For details of the NETWORK input idle screen, refer to “Connecting with wireless LAN” ( x page 99).

Ending the connection with the device

1) Perform disconnection process in the device side.

f Once the device is disconnected, the standby screen is displayed.

Note f It may take some time for the standby screen to display when the connection is ended forcefully by turning off the device, etc., without performing an appropriate disconnection process.



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