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Chapter 5 Operation of Function - About Presenter Light

About Presenter Light

(Only for PT-LW376, PT-LW336, PT-LB426, PT-LB386 and PT-LB356)

The wireless module (Model No.: AJ-WM50 / ET-WML100) of the optional accessories is required if you want to use the network function through the wireless LAN.

By using image transfer application software “Presenter Light Software” that supports Windows computers, you can transfer images and audio to the projector via the wired LAN or wireless LAN *1 .

*1 Sound interruption or noise may occur during image / sound transfer. In such a case, please select mute in the audio setting of the application software.

Download the “Presenter Light” to your computer

1) Accessing the projector from the web browser on the computer.

f For information on accessing from the web browser, refer to “Accessing from the web browser”

( x page 102).

2) Click [Download].

f The download screen of “Presenter Light” is displayed.

3) Click [Download].

f The download confirmation screen of the compressed file “Presenter Light.zip” is displayed.

4) Save and decompress “Presenter Light.zip”.

f After decompressing, a “Presenter Light” folder, which contains an executable file “Presenter Light.exe” and a “License” folder with the open source licenses used for the “Presenter Light” software, is generated.

f Execute “Presenter Light.exe” directly when using the Presenter Light software. Please save this software or make a shortcut for convenient use. Installing the software on the computer is unnecessary.

Note f To learn more about how to use the “Presenter Light” software, or download the latest versions of the “Presenter Light” software, please visit the website (https://panasonic.net/cns/projector/)



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