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Chapter 6 Maintenance - Warning Indicator

Warning Indicator

If a problem should occur inside the projector, the warning indicator <WARNING> will inform you by lighting or blinking. Check the status of the indicators and remedy the indicated problems as follows.

Attention f Before you take a remedial measure, follow the procedure of switching the power off indicated in “Powering off the projector” ( x page 45).

Warning indicator





Warning indicator


Lighting red

Blinking red

Blinking red

Blinking red




Status Check

The internal temperature is high


The internal temperature is high

(standby status).

Time to replace the lamp unit. f Is the intake/exhaust vent blocked?

f Is the room temperature high?

f Is the air filter unit dirty?

f Is the setting of [HIGH

ALTITUDE MODE] suitable for the altitude where the projector is located?

f Is [REPLACE LAMP] displayed when you turn on the power or switch the input?

Refer to “When to replace the lamp unit” ( x page

124) for details.

f Has the lamp runtime

(converted time) in


[RUNTIME] → [LAMP] reached 20 000 hours.

The projector detects an abnormal condition and cannot be turned on.

Solution f Remove any objects that are blocking the intake

/ exhaust vent.

f Install the projector in a location with an ambient temperature of 5 °C (41 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F) *5 .

f Make sure the [PROJECTOR SETUP] menu→

[HIGH ALTITUDE MODE] is set properly

( x page 78).

f Do not use the projector at high altitudes of 2 700 m (8 858') or higher above sea level.

f Clean or replace the air filter unit. ( x page 122) f Replace the lamp unit.

f Unplug the AC power cord and contact the dealer or the service center for service and checkup.

Blinking red *4

A problem is detected in the lumi nous lamp or the power supply for the luminous lamp.

f Have you turned on the power again immediately after turning it off?

f Some error has occurred in the lamp circuit. Check for fluctuation (or drop) in the source voltage.

f Wait a while until the luminous lamp cools off, and then turn on the power.

f Turn off the projector, and unplug the AC power cord, and consult your dealer.

*1 The indicator flashes in the cycle: 2.0 seconds (light) → 2.0 seconds (off)

*2 The indicator flashes in the cycle: 2.75 seconds (light) → 0.25 seconds (off) → 0.75 seconds (light) → 0.25 seconds (off)

*3 The indicator flashes in the cycle: 0.5 seconds (light) → 0.5 seconds (off)

*4 The indicator flashes in the cycle: 2.75 seconds (light) → 0.25 seconds (off)

*5 When using the projector at high altitudes (between 1 400 m (4 593’) and 2 700 m (8 858’) above sea level), the ambient temperature should be between 5°C (41 °F) and 35 °C (95 °F).

Note f If the warning indicator <WARNING> is still lighting or blinking after taking the preceding measures, ask your dealer for repair.



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