Precautions for use. Panasonic PT-MZ680

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Chapter 1   Preparation — Precautions for use

Precautions for use

Intended use of the product

The product is intended to project still/moving image signals from video equipment and computers onto a screen.

Lens protection material

Lens protection material is attached to the product at the time of purchase to protect the projection lens from the vibration during transport. Remove the lens protection material before use, and store it for the future use. Move the lens position to the home position and attach the lens protection material when transporting.

For the steps to move the lens position to the home position, refer to “Moving the lens position to the home position” ( x page 64).

Lens protection material

Cautions when transporting

f When transporting the projector, hold it securely by its bottom and avoid excessive vibration and impacts. They may damage the internal components and result in malfunctions.


Do not transport the projector with the adjustable feet extended. Doing so may damage the adjustable feet.

Cautions when installing


Do not set up the projector outdoors.

The projector is designed for indoor use only.


Do not set up the projector in the following locations.

f Places where vibration and impacts occur such as in a car or vehicle: Doing so may cause damage to internal components or malfunction.

f Location close to sea or where corrosive gas may occur: The projector may fall due to corrosion. Also, failure to do so may shorten the life of the components and result in malfunction.

f Near the exhaust of an air conditioner: Depending on the conditions of use, the screen may fluctuate in rare cases due to the heated air from the exhaust vent or the hot or cooled air from the air conditioner. Make sure that the exhaust from the projector or other equipment, or the air from the air conditioner does not blow toward the front of the projector.

f Places with sharp temperature fluctuations such as near lights (studio lamps): Doing so may shorten the life of the light source, or result in deformation of the projector due to heat, which may cause malfunctions.

Follow the operating environment temperature of the projector.


Near high-voltage power lines or near motors: Doing so may interfere with the operation of the projector.


Ask a qualified technician or your dealer for the installation work such as installing to a ceiling.

To ensure projector performance and safety, ask a qualified technician or your dealer when installing to a ceiling or in a high place.


Chapter 1   Preparation — Precautions for use r

Ask a qualified technician or your dealer to install the cable wiring for DIGITAL LINK connection.

Image and sound may be disrupted if cable transmission characteristics cannot be obtained due to inadequate installation.


The projector may not work properly due to strong radio wave from the broadcast station or the radio.

If there is any facility or equipment which outputs strong radio waves near the installation location, install the projector at a location sufficiently far from the source of the radio waves. Or, wrap the LAN cable connected to the

<DIGITAL LINK/LAN> terminal using a piece of metal foil or a metal pipe which is grounded at both ends.


Focus adjustment

The high clarity projection lens is thermally affected by the light from the light source, making the focus unstable in the period just after switching on the power. It is recommended that images be projected continuously for at least

30 minutes before the focus is adjusted.


Do not install the projector at an altitude of 2 700 m (8 858') or higher above sea level.


Do not use the projector in a location that the ambient temperature exceeds 45 °C

(113 °F).

Using the projector in a location that the altitude is too high or the ambient temperature is too high may reduce the life of the components or result in malfunctions.


Projection in all 360° direction is possible.

360° 360° 360°

360° vertically 360° horizontally 360° tilted

(combination of vertical and horizontal) r

Cautions when setting up the projector

f Use the adjustable feet only for the floor standing installation and for adjusting the angle. Using them for other purposes may damage the projector.


When installing the projector with a method other than the floor installation using the adjustable feet or the ceiling installation using the ceiling mount bracket, use the four screw holes for ceiling mount (as shown in the figure) to fix the projector.

In such case, make sure that there is no clearance between the screw holes for ceiling mount on the projector bottom and the setting surface by inserting spacers (metallic) between them.

f Use a torque screwdriver or Allen torque wrench to tighten the fixing screws to their specified tightening torques.

Do not use electric screwdrivers or impact screwdrivers.

(Screw diameter: M6, tapping depth inside the projector: 12 mm (15/32"), screw tightening torque: 4 ± 0.5 N·m)


Chapter 1   Preparation — Precautions for use

Adjustable feet


12 mm (15/32")

Screw holes for ceiling mount

Screw hole for wire rope

Positions of screw holes for ceiling mount and adjustable feet f Do not stack projectors on top of each other.

f Do not use the projector supporting it by the top.

f Do not block the intake and exhaust vents of the projector.

f Prevent hot and cool air from the air conditioning system to blow directly to the intake and exhaust vents of the projector.

500 mm (19-11/16") or longer 500 mm (19-11/16") or longer

1 000 mm (39-3/8") or longer

100 mm (3-15/16") or longer f Do not install the projector in a confined space.

When installing the projector in a confined space, provide air conditioning or ventilation separately. Exhaust heat may accumulate when the ventilation is not enough, triggering the protection circuit of the projector.

f Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. takes no responsibility for any damage to the product caused by an inappropriate choice of location for installing the projector, even if the warranty period of the product has not expired.


When using this product, take safety measures against the following incidents.


Personal information being leaked via this product f

Unauthorized operation of this product by a malicious third party f Interfering or stopping of this product by a malicious third party

Take sufficient security measures.


Chapter 1   Preparation — Precautions for use f Make your password difficult to guess as much as possible.

f Change your password periodically.


Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. or its affiliate companies will never ask for your password directly. Do not divulge your password in case you receive such inquiries.


The connecting network must be secured by a firewall, etc.


“DIGITAL LINK” is a technology to transmit the video, audio, Ethernet, and serial control signals using a twisted pair cable by adding unique functions by Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. to the HDBaseT TM communication standard formulated by HDBaseT Alliance.

This projector supports the optional DIGITAL LINK output supported device (Model No.: ET-YFB100G,

ET-YFB200G) and peripheral devices by other manufacturers (twisted-pair-transmitters such as the “XTP transmitter” of Extron Electronics) based on the same HDBaseT TM standard. For the devices of other manufacturers that the operation has been verified with this projector, visit the website ( cns/projector/). Note that the verification for devices of other manufacturers has been made for the items set by Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd., and not all the operations have been verified. For operation or performance problems caused by the devices of other manufacturers, contact the respective manufacturers.


“Art-Net” is an Ethernet communication protocol based on the TCP/IP protocol.

By using the DMX controller and the application software, illumination and stage system can be controlled. Art-Net is made based on DMX512 communication protocol.

Application software supported by the projector

The projector supports following application software. For details or downloading application software other than the "Geometric & Setup Management Software", visit the website (

f Logo Transfer Software

This application software transfers the original image, such as company logo, which is projected at the start, to the projector.


Smart Projector Control

This application software sets and adjusts the projector connected via LAN using a smartphone or a tablet.

f Multi Monitoring & Control Software

This application software monitors and controls the multiple display devices (projector and flat panel display) connected to an intranet.

f Early Warning Software

This plug-in software monitors the status of the display devices and their peripherals within an intranet, and notifies of abnormality of such equipment and detects the signs of possible abnormality. “Early Warning

Software” is preinstalled in the “Multi Monitoring & Control Software”. To use the early warning function of this plug-in software, install “Multi Monitoring & Control Software” in the PC to be used. By enabling the early warning function, it will notify of the approximate time to replace the consumables for the display devices, to clean each part of the display devices, and to replace the components of the display devices, allowing to execute maintenance in advance.

The early warning function can be used by registering maximum of 2048 display devices free of charge for

90 days after installing the “Multi Monitoring & Control Software” into a PC. To continuously use after the 90 days, it is necessary to purchase the license of “Early Warning Software” (ET-SWA100 Series) and perform the activation. Also, depending on the type of license, the number of display devices that can be registered for monitoring varies. For details, refer to the Operating Instructions of “Multi Monitoring & Control Software”.


Geometric & Setup Management Software (Geometry Manager Pro)

This application software performs detailed corrections and adjustments such as the geometric adjustment which cannot be covered by the projector settings in real-time.

“Geometric & Setup Management Software” can be downloaded from the website ( projector/pass/). It is necessary to register and login to PASS *1

*1 PASS: Panasonic Professional Display and Projector Technical Support Website

For details, visit the website (

to download.


To store the projector, store in a dry room.


Chapter 1   Preparation — Precautions for use


To dispose of the product, ask your local authorities or dealer for correct methods of disposal. Also, dispose of the product without disassembling.

Cautions on use


To get a good picture quality

In order to view a beautiful image in higher contrast, prepare an appropriate environment. Draw curtains or blinds over windows and turn off any lights near the screen to prevent outside light or light from indoor lamps from shining onto the screen.


Do not touch the surface of the projection lens with your bare hands.

If the surface of the projection lens becomes dirty from fingerprints or anything else, this will be magnified and projected onto the screen.

Attach the lens cover supplied with the projector or with the optional projection lens to the projector when you do not use the projector.


LCD panel

The LCD panel is manufactured by a technology with extremely high precision, but there may be missing pixels or pixels that is constantly illuminated in a rare case. Note that these phenomenon are not malfunction.

Also, a residual image may remain in the image of the LCD panel when a still image is projected for long time, and in such case, project a full white image for 1 hour or longer. Note that the residual image may not be completely erased.


Do not move the projector or subject it to vibration or impact while it is operating.

Doing so may shorten the life of internal components or result in malfunctions.


Optical parts

The replacement cycle for the optical parts such as the LCD panel or polarization plate may become shorter even if it is used for less than one year when the ambient temperature is high or in an environment with large amount of dust or cigarette smoke. For details, consult your dealer.


Light source

The light source of the projector uses laser diode, and has the following characteristics.

f Depending on the operating environment temperature, the luminance of the light source will decrease.

The higher the temperature becomes, the more the luminance of the light source decreases.

f The luminance of the light source will decrease by duration of usage.

If brightness is noticeably reduced and the light source does not turn on, ask your dealer to clean inside the projector or replace the light source unit.


Computer and external device connections

When connecting a computer or an external device, read this manual carefully regarding the use of power cords and shielded cables as well.


Chapter 1   Preparation — Precautions for use


Make sure that the following accessories are provided with your projector. Numbers enclosed in < > show the number of accessories.

Wireless/wired remote control unit <1>


For India


For Taiwan


Power cord



AAA/R03 or AAA/LR03 battery <2>


Lens cover <1>


(For remote control unit)

Attention f After unpacking the projector, discard the power cord cap and packaging material properly.

f Do not use the supplied power cord for devices other than this projector.

f For missing accessories, consult your dealer.

f Store small parts in an appropriate manner, and keep them away from small children.

Note f The type and number of the supplied power cords vary depending on the country or region where you purchased the product.

f The part numbers of accessories are subject to change without prior notice.


Optional accessories

Chapter 1   Preparation — Precautions for use

Optional accessories (product name)

Projection lens

Zoom Lens

Fixed-focus Lens

Ceiling Mount Bracket

Model No.

ET-ELW20, ET-ELT22, ET-ELS20 *1 , ET-ELT23, ET-ELW22


ET-PKD120H (for High Ceilings)

ET-PKD120S (for Low Ceilings)

ET-PKE301B (Projector Mount Bracket) *2

Early Warning Software

(Basic license/3-year license)

Digital Interface Box


Replacement Filter Unit

ET-SWA100 Series *3




*1 This product is equivalent to the standard zoom lens. The availability of this product varies depending on the country. For details, contact your dealer.

*2 When the projector is mounted to the existing Ceiling Mount Bracket (in combination with the Model No.: ET-PKD120H (for High

Ceilings) or ET-PKD120S (for Low Ceilings), and the Model No.: ET-PKE300B (Projector Mount Bracket)), it is necessary to replace the drop-prevention wire rope with the one corresponding to this projector. Consult your dealer.

Drop-prevention set (service model no.: DPPW1004ZA/X1)

*3 The suffix of the Model No. differs according to the license type.

Note f

The model numbers of optional accessories are subject to change without prior notice.


The optional accessories compatible with the projector may be added or changed without prior notice. The optional accessories described in this document are as of May 2021.

For the latest information, visit the website (



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