[TEST PATTERN] menu. Panasonic PT-MZ680

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[TEST PATTERN] menu. Panasonic PT-MZ680 | Manualzz

Chapter 4   Settings — [TEST PATTERN] menu


On the menu screen, select [TEST PATTERN] from the main menu.

Refer to “Navigating through the menu” ( x page 74) for the operation of the menu screen.


Display the test pattern built-in to the projector.

Settings of position, size, and other factors will not be reflected in test patterns. Make sure to display the input signal before performing various adjustments.

1) Press qw to switch the [TEST PATTERN] item.

f The items will switch each time you press the button.

Menu screen + Color bar


Menu screen + Color bar


Menu screen + 16 tones

(vertical 1)

Menu screen + 16 tones

(vertical 2)

Menu screen + 16 tones

(horizontal 1)

Menu screen + 16 tones

(horizontal 2)

Menu screen + Focus

Menu screen + 16:9/4:3 aspect frame

Menu screen + All white

Menu screen + All black

Menu screen + Input screen

Displays a test pattern with the menu screen. Select a desired test pattern.

Displays the menu screen and input signal.

Internal test patterns are not displayed.

Note f

Press the <ON SCREEN> button on the remote control while the test pattern is displayed to hide the menu screen.



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