Using the MENU items. Sony DSC-T700/H, Cyber Shot DSC-T700, DSC-T70, DSCT700N, CYBER-SHOT DSC-T700

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Using the MENU items. Sony DSC-T700/H, Cyber Shot DSC-T700, DSC-T70, DSCT700N, CYBER-SHOT DSC-T700 | Manualzz

Using the MENU items

Displays available functions for easy setting when the camera is in shooting or playback mode. Only the available items are displayed on the screen.

x MENU in shooting mode

Item Description

Image Size

Scene Recognition

Sets the image size.

( 10M/



5M/ 3M/


VGA/ 3:2(8M)/

640(Fine)/ 640(Standard)/

Automatically detects the shooting conditions and then takes the shot.

( Off/ Auto/ Advanced)

Face Detection Selects the priority subject for adjusting the focus when using face detection.

( When touched/ Auto/ Child Priority/ Adult Priority)

Smile Detection Sensitivity Sets the level of sensitivity to detect smile.

( Low/ Medium/ High)

REC Mode


Selects the continuous shooting method.

( Normal/ Burst/BRK±0.3EV, BRK±0.7EV, BRK±1.0EV)

Adjusts exposure manually.

(–2.0EV to +2.0EV)

Metering Mode


Sets which part of the subject to measure to determine the exposure.

( Multi/ Center)

Changes the focus method.

( Multi AF/ unlimited distance)

White Balance Adjusts color tones according to the surrounding light conditions.

( Auto/


Daylight/ Cloudy/ Fluorescent Light 1,

Fluorescent Light 2, Fluorescent Light 3/ n Incandescent/

Underwater White Balance Adjusts the colors when shooting underwater.

( Auto/ Underwater 1, Underwater 2/ Flash)



Flash Level

Anti Blink

Red Eye Reduction


Color Mode


Shooting Settings


Adjusts the amount of flash light.

( / Standard/ )

Sets Anti Blink function.

( Auto/ Off)

Sets to reduce the red-eye phenomenon.

( Auto/ On/ Off)

Optimizes the brightness and contrast.

( Off/ DRO standard/ DRO plus)

Changes the vividness of the image or adds special effects.

( Normal/ Vivid/ Sepia/ B & W)

Selects the anti-blur mode.

( Shooting/ Continuous/

Selects the shooting settings.


50 x MENU in viewing mode


(Date List)

(Event List)

(Select Folder)

(View Mode)

(Filter by Faces)



(Add / Remove


(Add / Remove





Selects the playback date list.

Selects the event group to be played back.

Selects the folder for viewing images.

Switches the View Modes.

( Date View/ Event View/ Favorites/ Folder View)

Plays back images filtered to meet certain conditions.

( Off/


All people/ Children/ Infants/

Plays back images in succession along with effects and music.

Attaches a background and displays images like a photo album.

Adds images to Favorites or removes images from Favorites.

( This Image/ Multiple Images/

Remove All in Date Range*)

Add All in Date Range*/

* The displayed text differs according to each View Mode.

Registers/cancels registration of images to be uploaded to a media service.

( This Image/ Multiple Images/ Add All in Date Range*/

Remove All in Date Range*)

* The displayed text differs according to each View Mode.

Retouches still images.

( Trimming/ Red Eye Correction/ Unsharp masking/

Soft Focus/ Partial Color/ Fisheye Lens/ Cross Filter/

Radial Blur/ Retro/ Happy Faces)

Paints on a still image and saves as a new image.


Key Features

  • Compact camera 8.1 MP CCD Touchscreen Silver
  • Image sensor size: 1/2.5"
  • Optical zoom: 3x Digital zoom: 6x
  • ± 2EV (1/3EV step)
  • Video recording 640 x 480 pixels
  • Built-in microphone PictBridge
  • Lithium

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