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When working outdoors with a product , use an extension cord that is designed for outside use. This type of cord is designated with “W-A” or “W” on the cord’s jacket.

Before using any extension cord, inspect it for loose or exposed wires and cut or worn insulation.

**Ampere rating (on product data plate)

0-2.0 2.1-3.4 3.5-5.0 5.1-7.0 7.1-12.0 12.1-16.0

Cord Length Wire Size (A.W.G.)

25’ 16 16 16 16 14 14

50’ 16 16 16 14 14 12

100’ 16 16 14 12 10 —

**Used on 12 gauge - 20 amp circuit.

NOTE: AWG = American Wire Gauge


Keep the extension cord clear of the working area.

Position the cord so that it will not get caught on lumber, tools, or other obstructions while you are working with a power tool. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury.


Check extension cords before each use. If damaged replace immediately. Never use the product with a damaged cord since touching the damaged area could cause electrical shock resulting in serious injury.



Operating RPM .................................................................................................................................................10,745 (RPM)

Input .........................................................................................................................Nominal 120V/60Hz AC only, 10 Amps


See Figure 1.

The safe use of this product requires an understanding of the information on the tool and in this operator’s manual as well as a knowledge of the project you are attempting.

Before use of this product, familiarize yourself with all operating features and safety rules, in both this manual and the operator’s manuals for all attachments that your are using with this power head.


The cord retainer helps prevent accidental unplugging of the extension cord.


The lock-out button reduces the possibility of accidental starting.


The power head is equipped with a front handle assembly for ease of operation and to prevent loss of control.



This product requires assembly.

 Carefully remove the product and any accessories from the box. Make sure that all items listed in the packing list are included.


Do not use this product if any parts on the packing list are already assembled to your product when you unpack it. Parts on this list are not assembled to the product by the manufacturer and require customer installation. Use of a product that may have been improperly assembled could result in serious personal injury.

 Inspect the product carefully to make sure no breakage or damage occurred during shipping.

 Do not discard the packing material until you have carefully inspected and satisfactorily operated the product.

 If any parts are damaged or missing, please call

1-800-860-4050 for assistance.


Power Head

Front Handle with Hardware

Operator’s Manual

7 — English



If any parts are damaged or missing do not operate this product until the parts are replaced. Use of this product with damaged or missing parts could result in serious personal injury.


Do not attempt to modify this product or create accessories not recommended for use with this product. Any such alteration or modification is misuse and could result in a hazardous condition leading to possible serious personal injury.


Do not connect to power supply until assembly is complete. Failure to comply could result in accidental starting and possible serious personal injury.



See Figure 2.


Read and understand entire Operator’s Manual for each optional attachment used on this power head and follow all warnings and instructions. Failure to follow all instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury.


This electric power head is designed to be only used with the attachment models that are specified in this

Operator’s Manual. It is not designed to be used with brush cutters or other attachment models. Use of other attachments could cause serious personal injuries or property damage.


Never install, remove, or adjust any attachment while power head is running. Failure to stop the motor can cause serious personal injury. Never operate power head without an attachment.

This electric power head may be used with only the following

Ryobi Expand-It attachments:

RY15518 and RYEDG11 Edgers

RY15520 and RYPRN33 Pruners

RY15523 and RYSST44 Straight Shaft String Trimmers

RY15525 and RYCST55 Curved Shaft String Trimmers

RY15550 and RYTIL66 Tillers

RY15519 and RYBLW22 Blowers

NOTE: When using string trimmer attachments, use only

.080 in. diameter line.

The attachment connects to the power head by means of a coupler device.

 Unplug the power head.

 Loosen the knob on the coupler and remove the hanger cap from the attachment.

 Push in the button located on the attachment shaft. Align the button with the guide recess on the power head coupler and slide the two shafts together. Rotate the attachment shaft until the button locks into the positioning hole.

NOTE: If the button does not release completely in the positioning hole, the shafts are not locked into place.

Slightly rotate from side to side until the button is locked into place.

 Tighten the knob securely.


Be certain the knob is fully tightened before operating equipment; check it periodically for tightness during use to avoid serious personal injury.


See Figure 3.

 Unplug the power head.

 Press the front handle onto the power head shaft so that the handle is angled toward the rear handle.

 Place the front handle along the power head shaft to a position that allows for comfortable operation.

 Slide the bolt through the holes in the front handle.

 Slide the washer onto the bolt.

 Place the wing nut onto the bolt and tighten the wing nut securely.

8 — English


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